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Friday, March 25, 2011

the open road

It's time. 
Our annual girlie trip, me and my Chick's hitting the open road.  Heading home to Illinois for a whole lot of this...

and this...

and this...

and this...

and some really fun and exciting stops along the way;) 
Can't wait to tell you all about it when I get home. 

Have a great week.

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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

out of the gray

I'd pretty much sworn off guest posting.  It's a lot of extra work and it feels like no one really reads them.  When I go to someone's blog honestly I go to read what they have to say.  So when I was asked recently to write something for Tiffani's Word-Women Wednesday's I was surprised at how quickly I said YES.  There has been something on my heart for a long time now and it just seemed a good fit.

This is kind of a touchy topic.  Have you noticed lately a complete gray area with right and wrong? No one seems willing to stand up for what they believe in anymore.  I'm not really sure people even know what they believe in.  If you are a Christian you are Christ's follower.  We follow his example.  He didn't just choose to be around godly people, actually he picked some pretty flawed men to be in his posse, BUT that didn't mean that he became like them.  We are supposed to stand apart, to be different.  We are called as his followers to be salt and light.  There should be something so unique and special about our walk that people are drawn to us and ultimately to HIM.  This doesn't mean we walk around like religious zealots pushing our views down people's throats.  It just means that we do as he taught us in his word and know what we believe as believers.  Our lives might be the only Bible others ever read, but do we know what the actual Bible says?  It's very clear, very straight to the gray.  To read the rest click here

Have a blessed day.

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Monday, March 21, 2011


Brace yourselves...I feel a rant coming on;)  Am I the only one who has extreme trouble with technology??  See this little gadget in my hand?  This is the fourth phone I've had since AUGUST!!!!!  I mean really doesn't that seem a little much??  I've had this one for about 3 weeks now and it's not working.  I thought at first it was just a Blackberry thing.  My first two Blackberry phones cursors didn't work and then my last one just went bonkers while I was out in Seattle and wouldn't do anything.  Now my new fancy touch screen phone is doing the same thing.  It just scans and scans for a signal.  It wouldn't be so bad if we didn't always have to go to Best Buy for service.  Three weeks ago I spent 4+ hours in there.  LUCKILY we purchased the insurance plans so they are all free!  My head would really spin if I had to pay for all this crappy technology.  I'm thinking that someone should pay me to be a product tester.  If it can last a month with me than it's good to go.  Anyway just had to get that off my chest.  This has to be the lamest post ever:(  Guess I know what I'll be wasting my day doing...ugh!

Have a blessed day.

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Saturday, March 19, 2011


Spent the day with Jill and Suzanne.  We unanimously decided we don't like the term "junking" and vote for the term treasure hunting instead.  We went to some occasional sales in a cute little town near my house.  In case you don't have them where you are at, occasional sales happen just once a month.  Various vendors go out and collect goodies all month and then we swoop in and snag the good stuff:)

I seriously had no intention of buying anything.  There wasn't one thing I was looking for.  That's of course when you find everything you never you knew you wanted;)  Is this little truck me or what??  How cute with it's load of fresh wheatgrass and...

salt and pepper shakers along for the ride:)  I just fell hard and knew it was my treasure of the day.

Then I found this beau-ti-ful quilt!  Did you know I love quilts??  I sort of collect them.  Anyhoo I've always wanted one with circles and today was the day.  Doesn't it look pretty on the back of that denim couch?  Just like it was meant to be there;)

This old beat up black lunch pail soooo reminded me of my daddy.  I just knew it would be cute someplace.  It found it's home on my cookbook rack in the kitchen.  Makes me think of him when I look at it.  He was so funny back in the day when he used to work.  He was a welder and I remember him making from sheet metal a cabinet (with a padlock) to keep all his goodies safe.  I guess it's so we wouldn't get into his cookie stash.  Oh sweet memories:)

I saw somewhere in a magazine a whole wall of vintage hand mirrors.  So in the back of my mind I've had this idea cataloged and today was finally the mother lode.  LOVE this idea!!!  Honey not so much.  He thought it looked a little old lady like.  WHAT??  What do you think??  I'll have to show you when I find the perfect wall to hang them.  Hope you all have a great weekend.  I'm hoping to finally get my Etsy store stocked up again soon with all kinds of little treasures just for YOU!

Have a blessed day.

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

my "forever" connection

I've made a new friend.  She blogs.  She lives close.  She's sweet as honey, and so fun to be around, but she's moving!  Why God why??? 

Jill, me and Suzanne

I met Jill last Fall at the Junk Bonanza.  She was actually my in real life "blog stalker"...ha;)  Remember when I said someone recognized me at the gym and emailed me later in the day saying she saw me?? Well that was Jill.  She made me smile to myself all day long:)  Well she's moving to Portland and it makes me really sad. 

I finally got a peek inside her beautiful "forever cottage" and thought I'd share some of her home with you before she's off to greener pastures.

She's really great at putting little collections together.

Her style is soft and sweet.  It's very feminine with muted soft shades of cream, grey-blue and beige's...

but then she'll have great pops of color like these big pillows and that bright throw in the corner.  See the blue slippers on the wall under the little mirror?  That's an original Janet Hill.  LOVE Janet Hill!!

I've only just begun getting to know this sweet gal.  I'm going to miss her...can't really think about it.  So not fair meeting her right before she moves away.  But the really cool thing about blogging is that no matter where you live you still have that connection.   You more or less take your friends right with least she better;)

Have a blessed day.

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Monday, March 14, 2011

going deep

This is my last Seattle post.  I'm going to miss them.  Reflecting back on my trip has been such a treat for me AND given me something to talk about over the last few weeks;)  Remember when I posted about being stranded out there an extra few days due to the weather in Minneapolis?  I was supposed to fly home early Sunday morning.  It was just the perfect my mind.  We had seen everything, and had spent good quality time together and I was just missing my family.  I could tell I was homesick.  I was having little daydreams about hugging my girls and what my house would smell like when I walked in the door. 

Sometimes things don't always go according to plan.  I ended up staying an extra two days.  I kind of became a part of the family.  I got to go to Lissa's church and meet her entire family.  I went to Grandpa's birthday dinner and then back to Lissa's mom and dad's house for cake.  It was a whole different level I was seeing now.  I was going deep.  It was really an honor and a privilege.

At the end of our visit Lissa kept asking me what my favorite part of the whole trip was.  Hmmm let's see we went on a ferry ride, explored downtown Seattle, ate at some amazing restaurants, visited her favorite nursery, saw Deception Pass, went to the Ruffles and Rust flea market show with Sasha...had cheeseburgers and fries at a movie.  I don't know it was all pretty amazing.  But without a doubt my favorite memory of my time spent with Lissa was visiting her church.

(Lissa is on the far left and her sister Stefie is on the far right)

I grew up in a Charismatic church.  Every Sunday we sang at the top of our lungs, raised our hands, prayed over each other.  My pastor was a preacher.  He spoke with conviction and passion.  Every Sunday I had goosebumps on my arms and tears streaming down my cheeks because of God's anointing.  It was an awesome way to experience the Lord and grow in my faith.  It was something I took for granted.

Since moving here we've spent 7 years going from church to church.  They are all great churches...don't get me wrong.  They teach the word.  They worship the Lord.  It's just different.  It's been a giant hole in our hearts...a big void.  So to stand there on that unexpected Sunday morning and worship freely and to feel God's presence so STRONG...I wept.  I soaked it in.  I ate it up like a starving little bird with it's mouth wide open waiting for that worm from it's momma.  Sometimes you don't realize how dry and thirsty you are until you get those first few drops of water.  So that was worth the extra day in my mind.  Sharing the Lord with my friend.  Praising Jesus shoulder to shoulder with her.  Seeing how blessed she is...made me happy.  It was a beautiful thing.

Have a blessed day.

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Saturday, March 12, 2011

a good day

I'm sure we are all feeling pretty heavy hearted with the latest tragedy.  I've been glued to my TV screen watching footage of the tsunami and all the devastation.  Wondering how in the world you pick up and regroup after something like that.  It is so unbelievable and yet everyday something is happening somewhere to turn someone's life upside down, whether it be a natural disaster or loss of a loved one, divorce etc...  Life is hard and when you have a really good day you need to sing and laugh and share.  So that's what I'm going to do.

The timing for my trip to Washington seemed a little off. I was totally overwhelmed with preparing for my show.  Sasha was in the middle of packing her whole house in anticipation for a move and we just needed a day.  A day to do whatever our heart's desired. 

We took a drive in the country.  She showed me the little town she hopes to move to.  I met her momma.  Saw the first place she held a job.  We went to her grocery store:)

We went shopping at the cutest little boutiques and whipped out our cameras for fun.

Then we did something so decadent that I melt just thinking back.  We got a spa pedicure.  And boy did we milk our time in that spa.  We put on robes and sat in the sauna.

We cozied up and got pampered...and it was heavenly.

For both of us this was a major treat.  Getting a spa anything is a rare occasion.  We were so grateful.

My feet are like sandpaper in the winter.  I'm very lazy with maintenance.  Shame on me I know, but I hardly ever paint my toes.  No one sees them right??  But you know what?  I see them.  And there is something so nice about having pretty toes.  I really need to make an effort to start taking care of myself a little better.

This was the view I had while this lovely woman did her magic on my hooves;)  It was you could hear the little stream bubbling and the birds singing in the trees.  It was like salve to my soul.  In Minnesota it's still very much winter and even though they all think it's winter there it's really not.  It's what our Spring is like.  The grass was green.  People were mowing their lawns.  Buds were starting to come.  I don't know how many times I told Lissa and Sasha how blessed they were.

And it was sunny.  Which I thought was a special gift just for me.  Seriously when I've been to Seattle it's always been gorgeous.  I'm starting to doubt the whole rainy overcast thing every one is always talking about;)

After our pampering Sash took me to a cute little shopping area and we walked the streets in our flipflops.  FLIPFLOPS people!!!!  How awesome is that in Feb!!

We couldn't help trying to capture all the Spring cheer around us.

Then we found the sweetest cupcake shop.  You all know how much I LOVE cupcakes.

Can this day get any better??

UH yeah it can:)  That night we went to THE coolest restaurant and completely pigged out.  It was the best seafood I've ever had.  After every bite I think I moaned.  Kind of embarrassing, but it was impossible not to.

We were doing good until we indulged just a little too much and both ordered creme brulee for dessert. Let's see earlier in the day we had cupcakes, oh and I left out the chocolate covered caramels!!  It was pure gluttony.  Hard to believe you can get too much of a good thing, but you can.  We both literally felt sick afterwards.  Lesson learned...all things in moderation.  Even good things need balance.

We did more...I didn't show everything.  It was a fun filled, fully packed day.  Every little fiber of me was nourished in one way or another.  I am so thankful for this friend.  She teaches me...she's wise.  She loves me for me.  She's like the sister I never had.  So even if it's only one day a year that I get I'll take it.  It was a good day.  That's something to sing about right? 

Have a blessed day.

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