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Thursday, September 26, 2013

transformation 101

Yesterday was a half day at school.  YAY!  For months we've had on our calendar to visit the Lewis Ginter Botanical garden's butterfly house and to watch "The flight of the Monarch" at the Virginia science museum on the big IMAX:)) 

It was the perfect day.  It really was.  The weather was glorious.  The butterflies were active!!! 
It's a little tricky snapping a picture of one in mid-flight.  But I tried!

The butterfly house was like a tropical rain forest.  It was all glassed in and they keep it misty.  We were all SO hot and sweaty.  I looked like I had just stepped out of a steam bath...with long sleeves on;)

My cutie!  We've got a little boy teasing her at school.  Making fun of her teeth...her hair.  We had to have the talk again about how hurting people hurt others.  About how words really do sting and it's okay to feel sad, but you need to forgive and be kind anyway....tell the teacher...and do not to dwell on those words, because in your heart you know that they are so not true.

Then I had a moment in the car where momma bear came out, and I said a snide remark and we laughed.  We got that out of our system and then we adjusted our focus and talked about being kind again;)  I'm human after all.  And that's my baby, and dangit if she isn't just adorable!! 

The fact is it's easy to love people who love you.  It's easy to be nice to those who are lovely. be kind to those that support your dreams and help you through life. 

It's a lot harder to feel good around someone who obviously doesn't like you or who puts you down.  It's challenging to look past the jabs and stabs and see what the other person may be going through for them to lash out.  And it may not always be a bad home life or any underlying pain...honestly it may just be that nasty monster of insecurity that makes them tear you down so they feel a little bigger...a little better about themselves:/

Whatever the reason it hurts and despite that hurt Jesus commands us to love.  To turn our faces away.  It goes against every fiber of our being to do that.  We want to strike back.

But we are commanded to love!
Whoever does not love does not know God, because GOD IS LOVE! 1 John 4:8

When we come to Him we become a new creation.

The old flesh must die.  Our sinful ways need to come under His submission.

So we can spread our wings, FLY...and draw others to Him.

To mirror him.  To reflect His ways.  It's a constant aligning.  And I'll be honest I fail miserably...often!  People annoy me.  Kids annoy me.   How does He love at all times?  Something to strive towards.

Speaking of girls are blooming right before my eyes.  I can't believe how fast time is going and how much they are changing.  It completely freaks me out.  In a good way, but still!! 

**My folks are on their way:))  It's going to be a fun week or two. 
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Be a blessing.
using our big girl cameras
fun time, not work time, with sweet T
God's glorious creation and attention to detail
downtime with my parents
crisp air
life lessons
my them so much it literally hurts!
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Monday, September 23, 2013

get your LMM happy on:)

Good's Monday.  Yep I actually know what day it is.  I realized after the fact that I said the wrong day on my last post.  Not surprising.  Last week felt really long.  And now with my honey home allthetime...I never know what day it is:)

It's a good day though because I finally played around with some recent HaPPy MaIL!!!  When my Sasha girl said she had been busy painting she wasn't lying.  I about died when I saw all the goodies she'd been working on...and well I bought almost everything in her shop:) They were all so happy and colorful.  And y'all know I love happy and colorful:))  I have no idea where I'm going to put them all, but that's a good problem to have.

She doesn't just paint pretty she makes these towels too.  I have no idea how she does it, but she does it well.  I have the ball jar one too.  If you don't know what that one is run over right now and see if she has any.  For the longest time I never used it because it was just too nice.  I finally stopped that nonsense.  Anyway love my new cow...even if it's all ready for the butcher shop:)

Okay so this is beside the point, but I'm wanting to paint my kitchen a light bright color.  Maybe white...maybe a gray.  I've never done that before.  Would love any tips on how you might have done it??  Also the countertops scare me.  There is no room in the budget to change them out, but I'm afraid they will look odd with white cabinets.  My dream would be to change out the tan backsplash and put in a white subway tile with darker gray grout.  EEEEEEK! 

Can you see it??  I CAN!!!  Our kitchen is pretty dark.  I just want to brighten it up. 

So I started getting out a few fall things.  The air is turning a bit.  Have you started??  I of course had to put out the pumpkin Sasha print.  LOVE!!!  And my truck...hello!!!! 

I just love this little entry table.  So happy and now festive:) 

I also added a few little things to my mantle.  I love red, so that wasn't a stretch, and the sunflowers just scream fall to me for some reason.  I came back from my time with Megan this summer wanting to get as many thermos' that I could find.  She has a really cool collection on top of her kitchen cupboards.  Just looks so campy and homey:)

Okay friends  Sasha's shop is OPEN!!!!  I stole these pics from her blog....that way you can see them all displayed.  She's got a coupon code for my readers - becky10 for 10% off.  Don't wait too long it expires October 1st:)  Go get your happy on!!

Speaking of happy.  This video is hilarious.  A reader sent it to me because I like foxes.  If you watch it expect to be singing this catchy song all day;)  Thanks Susan!

Be a blessing.

Panera shortbread cookies...

a text I sent Tamara about Kari Jobe liking Nora's cuff!!!  EEEEEEK:)))

finally getting my art scanned...ready for the next step!

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

searching still...

It's a typical Tuesday.  My girls are out the door at school.  I'm loaded up on caffeine heading to the gym for a quick workout.  Only on this glorious afternoon my stomach is in knots.  I've been fighting down the constant onslaught of nerves lately.  Things are good.  Everything's popping at once.  And it's the "at once" thing that is causing me some major anxiety. 

Because it's good I can't really talk about it because hello...who wants to hear someone complain about how great life is;)  But you know what??  Even when things are awesome you can still be in a lifestorm.  I literally feel blown around.  My hair is whipping around my head.  My balance is thrown off.  I'm afraid I'm gonna land hard on my rear lol!  It's a lot.  It's scary, and exhausting and something I've wanted for so long. 

Then the opportunity comes and the hope I've been holding onto starts to become a possibility and I don't want to choke.  It's like watching the Olympics knowing those athletes have trained and wanted this moment for years and in one swoop it's either a record breaking success or a giant agonizing defeat.  Yeah...that's what's going on inside my head.  No pressure at all;)

I've had the dream of getting my artwork made into prints for years.  I've tried before and it just never looked right.  The timing was off.  And now all of a the exact same time my Etsy shop is really taking off I get an offer to license my art.  I'm actually going to be a "professional" artist;)  Like for REAL people!  I'm soaring on the inside.  It's the thing I love doing the most, and whether it takes off or not it makes my heart want to explode at just the thought.

But in the midst of all that I'm training helpers and working on wholesale contracts and having lunch meetings with calendars and it's all completely out of my comfort zone!!  OH and did I mention I was asked to speak at a women's church event thing?  Seriously, I canNOT believe I said yes:/  What in the world was I thinking? 

Just the thought makes my heart start racing and my stomach churn.  That's NOT something I do.  It's just not.  I stay safe and comfortable behind my computer screen.  But I felt that nudge.  That little whisper that can do this.  And I knew I had to.  I had to be obedient and listen, because lately when I listen good things happen.  I'm doing a whole lot of things crazy afraid, completely unqualified, and yet He's right there holding my hand and leading/pulling me down the path. 

Honey came into the kitchen this morning after doing the elliptical machine.  He happened to catch Joel Olsteen.  If you've ever listened to him preach you know he's great at being an encourager.  And this morning he just happened to be talking about peace.  He talked about putting on the shoes of peace and never walking outside barefoot.  He talked about the ocean and how at the surface the wind whips the waves, but if you go deeper the water is completely still

That's what I want.  I don't want to be a constant ball of nerves.  I want more than anything to be resting in that deep place, sure of my future however it turns out.  Because I know even if it doesn't go down exactly how I've got it in my mind it's still gonna be good.  And I know that because He's my Abba father, my heavenly daddy, and He holds my future.  So I'm seeking out the eye, the quiet center, and I'm praying that despite the crazy wind and my constant struggle to get sucked out of peace that I'll find that calm place and fully rest in Him.

**All the pics are from our recent trip to Savannah, Georgia.  What a beautiful city!

Be a blessing.

a new hobby for little chick:)  speaking of doing it afraid...
an impossibly small cuff that actually fit sweet little nora.  He calls me beautiful!
an organized, amazing friend who keeps me on task...a master calendar 
realizing I have a group of people here...
old brick buildings
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