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Friday, August 24, 2012

something to smile about:)

Love this pic of me and my Alicia girl cracking up.  We were literally a hot mess;)  It was only like 150 degrees out.  She had just gotten to my house (after driving 6 hours) with her three kids in tow, and we plopped down on some wicker chairs under my deck, looking out onto my fancy dirt yard while honey finished up what we thought would be an awesome idea...the pool that never happened.  That's a blog post in itself.  Can't remember what was so funny, maybe it's because I had my 50 lens on and our faces are ginormous...who knows.  What I do know is that I'm getting ready to spend a week with this girl and her sweet family.  EEEK!

About a year ago I got a text from her saying "I've got an awesome idea." and from that little seed grew a whole lot of excitement, and then we just plunged in and booked a beach the OUTER BANKS!!!  This was waaaaaay back in January people.  You know, when summer feels a million years away, especially the last week of summer.  All I've got to say is thank God we're still friends...'cause that would be awkward;)  We've never done a family vacation with friends before.  I have a feeling it's going to be an incredible experience.   

Recently a sweet reader offered a $25.00 gift card to her shop for one lucky winner.  Origami Owl sells all sorts of cool personalized lockets and charms.  Did you know I love lockets??!!  The one I picked out is a "wish" locket.  I wrote some of my deepest dreams on a little piece of paper and now I carry it close to my heart.  To win a $25 credit to her shop just leave me a comment about something you are wishing/dreaming/praying for.  I will choose a winner when I get back.  Good luck girlies.

**And if you can't wait to see what we are up to while we're gone check Instagram...farmgirlpaints for me, or bigchick7 for my girlie.  Her pics are better than mine any day of the week!

Have a blessed week.

737.  one last hoorah before summer is officially over
738.  feeling famous for a second when etst mentioned me on IG;)
739.  love packages in the mail
740. oral surgery for my little chick finally over...she's doing great!
741.  freshly painted toes

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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

spin on

When you decide to get married at 19 all the skeptics warn you that you'll change.  That your marriage probably won't last because the person you marry won't be the same person 10, 15, 20 years later.  And I suppose some of that is true.  I'm definitely not the same person I was at 19.  I don't perm my hair.  I don't eat McDonald's for lunch every day.  My biggest fear in life is not getting a speeding ticket or giving a speech for my college classmates.

My tastes have changed.  My style has changed.  I've matured and grown into a woman/mother who loves to write, take pictures, create art, decorate etc... 

I'm not even sure I knew what self expression was 20 years ago, and yet everyday I long to do just that.  My innerman wants to be known.  I want to share with the world who I am, who God made me to be...and wear it on my sleeve and say I finally figured out what I like and here it is:)  This is me.

The one person who has watched all of this is that same person that I vowed to spend with my life with all those years ago.  He's seen me grow and change and become who I am and the thought of that brings me to tears.  He married a 19 year old girl, and through thick and thin he got this version of me...and decided to stay.

To say that he's good to me is an understatement. Last weekend he whisked me away to a little town close to here and pretty much did whatever I wanted;) He ate a cheeseburger, pizza and a gelato...make that two gelatos...all in the name of fun. Just for me. You have no idea how major that is. My man doesn't eat junk, and I shouldn't either, but you get the point.  Just like I've changed, so has he;)

He's not a fan of antiquing, but he took me shopping all day long.  It was HIS idea!!!  And he didn't pout.  And he didn't follow on my heels and zap my fun.  He looked around and occasionally held my purse;)  And it was awesome!!!! 

As soon as we pulled into this shop I spied something I've been wanting forever.  Do you see it?  It said Hello Becky, I've been waiting for you.  Right here in podunk Ruckersville...out in the elements rusting away...waiting just for you! 

This little windmill practically skip jumped into our car and away we went...treasure hunt over.  It's a perfect reminder to me that "weather" will change us, that winds will blow us...but regardless we're gonna keep spinning:)  Spin on friends...spin on!

Instagram pics...just in case you missed these;)

Have a blessed day.
731.  barn doors
732.  walking hand in hand in the morning light
733.  little chef hats
734.  nothing but time to appreciate each other
735.  treasure hunts
736.  terrycloth robes
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Monday, August 20, 2012


I've been trying to squeeze in as much as possible lately.  I feel this desperate race of time with school starting back up soon.  There is a bittersweet battle going on inside me.  One half is craving routine and is excited to start my new improved schedule (read this).  The other side of me feels like sobbing on the spot at the idea of being alone again.  My life is a lot different here than it was in MN.  Even though I've made some amazing new friends I don't see them often and school equals solitude.  Which is good and bad.  Grrrrrr.

Anyway the girls and I have been fieldtriping lately and our first stop was to visit daddy for lunch.  My little chick is very sentimental and emotional.  She hugged daddy like she hadn't seen him in a month.  She's pretty good at letting you know exactly how she's feeling.  Love that she wears her heart on her sleeve.

After lunch we dropped into the famous Jefferson Hotel.  I've heard all about this historic landmark since moving here, but this was our first visit.  It definitely was grand and lux and all sorts of extravagant.  I had the wrong lens on my camera to really take in the enormity of this room.  Those stairs were amazing.  Apparently they were the inspiration for Gone with the Wind.  Pretty cool.

We snapped tons of pics and then moved on to another place I've been wanting to visit since moving here...

The Virginia Museum of Fine Art.  I love art museums.  They blow my mind wide open and I really wanted to share that with my girls.  They were just as impressed as I was.

I have to admit that museums and fancy hotels make me feel extremely out of place.  Look at this guy in his uber cool GQ outfit and loafers.  He fit the mold.  He looked cultured...not from behind, but I promise you he looked the artsy type.  He was reading the descriptions and taking it all in like he knew what it was about.

The girls and I were like...ooooh that's weird.


oooooh look at her muscles.

Love this...wish my house paintings looked like that;)

Or my favorite...I could do that!  Art is definitely in the eye of the beholder. 

Art is as individual as the individuals that create it.  I think the thing we took away from our visit was that we all have our own style.  It can be serious or fun.  It can look real or NOT.  The common thread in every piece was that it made us feel something.  It made us stop, look and step in closer.  It evoked some sort of emotional response.

It was a good day.  We drove home completely spent, yet full and overflowing.  I cataloged this day in my mind.  Love it when I can actually feel myself do's like a little memory seal has been placed and I'm making note that this was a day I won't forget.  This is one I'll remember when they are grown.   

The day we tried to be cultured...and ended up just having fun instead;)

Have a blessed day.

725.  crumbling old brick roads
726.  the yellow impatiens that spill over my flower baskets
727.  fancy things that make me grateful to be simple
728.  daughters that love their daddy
729. building up that memory bank 
730.  girls that let me take silly pics without complaining;)

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

do the work

I'm not a morning person.  I stay up way too late watching House Hunters and before you know it's after 11:00 and well you get the picture.  Summer is wonderful because I can gently wake with the sun.  I can slowly get out of bed, piddle on my phone for a few minutes checking emails, Instagram and then make some coffee.  I love this selfish little routine I've got going on.  It feels kind to my body.  I'm rested.  I've got all my needs met.  Well almost all...

I've heard a little voice in my spirit man as of late telling me it's time to start getting uncomfortable.  It's time to stretch and do some things that may not be in my nature.  It's time to disciple.  It's scary even saying that out loud.  Disciple.  What in the world?? 

I want to be disciplined.  I've gotten extremely lazy in some areas and I need to get some things done not only in my spiritual walk, but personally.  Being the queen of ADD it's just not going to happen unless I do the work.  Unless I turn off the mindless distractions.

Two things I feel like the Lord has been whispering to me is to carve out some work time.  That means no screen time.  As soon as the girls get back in school I'm going to take two days a week and shut off my computer, ignore my texts, phone etc...and be available.  Be available to listen.  Be available to decompress.  Be available to hear what I'm supposed to be doing with my life.  Just be available.  And hopefully I will not only be available, I'll be productive and do the work;)

I'm also making it a goal to go to bed earlier and get up with the sun.  I need to start my day with Him.  I also need to work my body early, so I don't make excuses.  I need to get that jump start to focus and realign.  It's going to be hard.  This is not who I am

But this is who I'm going to be.  I'm excited for this.  It's going to be good.  You're never to old for change right??

Have a blessed day.

720. for corrective whispers
721. for His glorious sun...that makes my heart swell every.single.time
722.  obedience in my life
723.  change that will make me stronger
724.  a get away with my honey this weekend 

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Monday, August 13, 2012

homebodies unite

See this face?  Oh my word...I love this face.  If little chick had her way we would stay home 24/7.  She's a homebody through and through.  She loves nothing more than to play Barbie with her sister in the basement or be with her bestie across the street.  Her idea of bliss is a bowlful of cottage cheese and a snuggle date with Fergie on the couch.  She's simple.

And truthfully since we've moved here I've fallen into the homebody category also.  Not by choice, just by chance.  We live far it seems from everything.  I like warm bodies present with me when I gallivant, and that's not always possible.  So instead I hibernate. It kind of gets to me after awhile, and I get major cabin fever and HAVE to get out of the house. 

So despite the protests of my little we go...that's why I made the summer to-do list.  We've made progress on most of it.  Maymont Park just needed crossed off, so without much thought to sticky temps and irritable moms...ME;) We loaded up our sweet neighbors and went on a fieldtrip.

A definite perk to living in Richmond is this quirky park.  There is a part that looks like Italy, Japan and Hawaii.  It's really cool.  They have a beautiful waterfall that if you close your eyes and listen to the water you feel just like you are in a tropical rainforest.  The effect becomes all the more real with hair sticking to the side of my face and sweat dripping down my back.  It's kinda like visiting Hawaii, but without the super long plane ride...or the beautiful beaches:(

The trees are plentiful.

Critters are everywhere to be found;)

And there are lots of places in general to explore.  Gotta love a day of exploring.

It's no secret I would inevitably be the first person kicked off of Survivor.  I'm not exactly the outdoorsy type, primarily because I hate to sweat unless I'm working out, hate bugs, hate weeds...need food etc...  BUT I love being surrounded by His creation, so a little bit of discomfort is worth it.  I guess...ha!  Even my little chick thought so...miracles DO happen;)

***Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for the virtual hugs and love regarding my dad's health.  He sees the doctor this week and will know more about what he can and can't do.  We covet each and every one of your prayers.  They are making a difference...thank you so much!!!

Have a blessed day.

715.  a community of believers that lift up and rally
716.  friends that listen and love
717.  a God who knows the whole plan, so i don't have to wonder
718.  memory making with my girls
719.  summer heat that warms the skin...making me feel

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Friday, August 10, 2012

just like that

When honey and I were first married my dad had open heart surgery.  It was major.  It was a quintuple bypass and a valve replacement. Things didn't go as planned and I'll never forget the call for all of us to come up to the hospital.  He had congestive heart failure and we all needed to be there.  I remember like yesteday that panicked sick feeling and thinking noooo this can't be dad can't die.  I don't have kids yet.  He won't know them.  He HAS to know them and vice versa.

That day my mom and I snuck away, and went down to the hospital chapel, and we knelt on our knees with our heads buried onto those pews and we pleaded for God to spare him.  We warred with the heavenlies that day and I believe our prayers were answered.  He miraculously pulled through.  I've always felt that he's been living on borrowed time ever since.

Apparently during surgery a stitch was pulled too tightly causing a tiny little hole in my dad's heart.  He gets it monitored every 6 months.  He's been living with a heart that only pumps at 20% for several years.  Well they just got the results of the most recent test and it's declined.  It's now at 15%.

Mom called me crying and scared, and just like that a seed of worry and fear started to grow.  Just like that I immediately started to think about all the what if'sWhat if he can't walk eventually and needs oxygen??  You don't know my dad.  He's stubborn and proud.  Strong.  His greatest fear is to ever need help or appear frail.  That would do him in. What if he dies?  I can't even wrap my brain around that.  I need my daddy.  Can't picture life without my dad in it.  What about mom...what will she do?  Where will she live?  How will anything ever be normal again??  Why is life so hard.

I think the most difficult part of going through any stressful event is the complete lack of control.  We can't make things better.  We can't predict the future.  We can't keep our loved ones from pain and suffering.  All we can do is pray.  We can leave it at the feet of the One who loves us and trust that He will provide, He WILL give us what we need...when we need it.  I would love it if you joined my family in praying for my daddy.  We would really appreciate it!

Have a blessed day.

710.  being able to dump my burden on the One who can carry it
711. borrowed time
712.  that my kids know their grandpa
713.  a love that nothing will separate
714.  having a good Godly man for a daddy

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if you give becky a door...

Good morning friends...thank you for all the anniversary love.  It was a good good day:)  We had CAKE...CAKE and more CAKE!  What more could you ask for;)

And now it's FRIDAY!!!!  My In-laws left yesterday and immediately after our farewell breakfast I crashed for the longest nap in history!  4 HOURS!!!!  What in the world?  Anyway I'm trying to get back into normal mode.  Which means a long overdue Me Artsy post:)  Hope you've been doing something creative and can link up.

A few weeks ago...

When a friend calls you and says let's hit the Restore store you don't scratch your head and ask what's the restore restore?? just GO and ask questions later;)  By the way the Restore store is Habitat for Humanity's gently used new and used items warehouse.  It's stuff contractors couldn't use.  It's overstock.  It's windows, plumbing, shutters, wood, tile, lighting, electrical stuff and DOORS!  Lots and lots of doors!!!

Be prepared though when you go with your door crazy friend Joannie that you might just crush hard on the SAME door.  Then expect to have to do some flippin' for the door...cause that's the only way the friendship will stay intact.  So we pulled out the coin, winked at the office lady and had her call it.  She made us swear not to go around saying that's how things were done at the Restore store, but hey that's how we sugar sisters roll;)  I let out a little whoop and a thankyajesus, when it went my way, and on our way we went...4 doors in the back.

By the way I think it's a good thing taking the girls to these places.  They're not in the best hoods.  It's a little sketchy, but we're teaching them a little searching gets you a gorgeous vintage mirrored door for $17 bucks!!  There may be some Sampson and Son humming out of our lips, but that just makes the experience more fun:)

I had no idea really where the door was going, but from experience I know if you love something get it and it will find it's place when you get home;)  I immediately had honey hold the heavy door and carry it all over the house.  He's beyond good to me!  He sat that door here and there and eventually it landed in the spare bedroom.  The corner just needed something.

I was giddy with redo excitement.  When the inspiration hits there is no holding me back.  I got some ivy leaf spray paint...taped, painted and sanded that baby and she was all ready to show off:)

Well almost, but first I had a vision of heart garland.  Don't know why, but whimsy felt necessary with the funky green door.  So I found some fun paper, cut it out with a heart punch and attached it to some $1 bin felt ribbon I'd had forever.  Voila...instant heart garland.

She looks so pretty tucked in that corner.  She bounces light all over the room and ties the colors in beautifully.  She's an artsy artsy redo. 

me artsy at farmgirl paints

So my challenge for you is to find something used and make it pretty.  Link up with me and let's PARTY!  Even if you don't do the challenge you can link up anything creative...I'm not fussy:)

And the winners of the Artful Blogging magazine are:

Have a blessed day.

705.  routine
706.  fresh laundry
707.  a quiet house
708.  pf chang
709.  a good visit with the in-laws

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