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Friday, June 20, 2014

crush me...

I had a fitful night of sleep last night.  It was one of those dreams that goes on and on.  I was in the most beautiful mansion you can imagine.  It was perfection.  It seemed endless it was so after room of beauty.  The view was just as gorgeous, it was right on the edge of a blue blue sea. There was an enormous sparkly pool.  I'm walking through the house and wave upon wave start come crashing in on the house.  Windows are broken.  The floors start to crumble...the foundation buckles.  Chunks of plaster are falling from the ceiling and cracking from the walls.  I'm still just walking room to room terrified by the pounding waves and then I get to the overlook and the pool literally comes alive and even those waters come up and crash on the windows.  Water is all I can see.  I kept waking up and then going back to the same scary scenes.  I'm a big believer in God revealing things through dreams, so when I finally woke up this morning I immediately tried to figure out what in the world it all meant.  Was it just a stress dream?  Is it a warning dream?  Am I getting ready to go through some kind of trial etc...?

I've been feeling for a while like I've lost my voice here.  I'm busy.  Life has changed for me since the business has taken off.  I'm working and I don't hear promptings about what to blog about like I used to.  In the past I'd hear from the Holy Spirit and posts would just pour out of me.  I want that again.  I want more than anything for Him to use my life...  I feel dry. I know He's using me through the ministry of the cuffs.  It IS a ministry that much is evident, but it's others words and I know He has a word, a purpose, a platform for me.

So at the gym this morning I was thinking about the dream and listening to Kari Jobe and her song Hands to the Heavens came through my headphones and it was one of those moments, I'd have a thought and then she'd sing it.  I'd have a fear sneak in and the music would address it, and I felt like the song interpreted my dream.  It was the most anointed God moment.  I literally teared up and started crying on the leg extension machine...goosebumps.  And here's what I think the dream meant.

He's going to crash in on me.
Like a thundering wave upon wave pouring over me.  
His spirit will be felt SO strong.
My "perfect" outer shell will crumble.  
I'll be broken, but in a good way.
He will shelter me and keep me safe from the storm.
He's going to prick my ears to hear.  Yes Lord!  
He's going to shake my house, and fill those empty rooms.  
My eyes will be opened to things in the spiritual.
He'll have His way...

I know this is a weird post...but it was on my heart.  So I'm writing it down:) 

Be a blessing.

dreams and visions
music that ministers
promptings from the holy spirit
ears to hear

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Sunday, June 15, 2014

let the fun begin...

(honey's favorite scripture...Psalm 127:1) 

Hi friends... Happy Father's day!  I'm missing my daddy a bit today.  What I wouldn't give to be smack in the middle of Illinois right this second, swinging away on their porch swing.  All the crickets and critters chirping and serenading us as we talk a lot about nothing and everything:)  I'm there in spirit though...

We made our own special memories this weekend.  We took the girls to see How To Train a Dragon 2.  It was really good.  Action packed, parts scary, sad and emotion filled.  Amazing how an animated movie can take you on a whole range of emotion, but it can.  We highly recommend it.

We did a whole lot of nothing today.  We played hookie from church and Honey and I sat on the front porch and had coffee all morning.  I'm still in awe that he drinks COFFEE with me.  It's a dream come true.  Anyhoo we were in dream mode.  Kauai is drawing near and seriously it's all I can think about.  If you've been and have any suggestions I'd love to hear it.  Foder's is great, but actual experiences excite me more:)

The day wrapped up in the best way with a pizza man, coma nap, firepit, peanut butter filled smores and cornhole!  Can I just say I suck pretty bad at cornhole.  I've been told a straight arm is needed and an arch.  Apparently I fling and aim poorly, but it's still entertaining.  Watching my man makes it fun if you know what I mean;)

This was a highlight too...Honey's father's day gift from big chick.  My girl has been blowing my mind lately with her art.  She sketches ALL OF THE TIME and is jaw dropping...amazing.  She's 14 people!  FOURTEEN!!!!  I can hardly draw a stick figure.  I'm ready to sign her up at the art institute;)  Go big chick GO!!!

Paint Something
Summer Art Camp for

Speaking of art if you want something fun to work on this summer with or without your kiddos I highly recommend these two online courses.  Two of my artsy fartsy friends have been busy giving us something incredible to do and I plan on having my girls do these classes...working right along side of me.

While I make some of these for YOU!

Just a reminder TOMORROW is the LAST day for pre-orders on the designer cuffs.  These exact designs will NEVER be offered again.  I'm trying to make them limited edition and completely unique.  Order here if you are interested.

Happiest of Father's day to you:)

Be a blessing.

last day of school shenanigans.  a friend who drops everything to be a part of the fun.  we love you auntie tamara:)
tropical smoothies
jillian michael's helping me burn off all of my indulgences as of late
watergun wars
hummingbirds whizzing past my head;)
my earthly daddy who loves me in the sweetest way
my honey who couldn't be a better daddy to my girls
and for my HEAVENLY daddy who loves me, covers me in grace and blesses me with every good gift in my much more than I deserve...grateful!!

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Monday, June 9, 2014

Introducing designer cuffs:) PRE-ORDER INFO...

Good morning sweet friends.  I'm SO very excited to share with you something NEW I've been working on:)  Today I'm introducing designer limited edition (handburned/handpainted) cuffs!!!  YIPPPPPEEEEEE!!!!!  I've been struggling a bit with wanting to paint again and with the cuffs going so strong I just haven't had time to devote to it.  So the other day I was playing around in my studio with a wood burning tool and voila...leather burns...who knew!!!  I handpainted in the design a bit and literally my head about exploded.  MY TWO WORLDS COLLIDING!!  

We jumped in the car to head to dinner and I cried the whole way there.  My poor family.  No actually they understood...happy tears:)  I just couldn't help myself.  It felt to me like the skies had opened up and God literally said, YES...THIS IS THE WAY YOU SHOULD GO!  When that happens emotion more or less takes over and you fall flat on your face in awe.  So there you have it.

I instagrammed about them and the people said YES!  Make them!!  So the only way I think I can do this is through pre-orders.  Each is like a little mini painting, so they are pretty time consuming and I don't want to make up batches of a certain style and not have them sell.  SO I'm opening up sales TODAY for one week OR until they sell out...whichever comes first.

Each will be signed on the inside by me, and only a certain limited number will be made. There is no template or stencil, so each will vary slightly and all will be 100% unique and one of a kind:)  What could be better!!!  They will all be custom with size (I would need a TIGHT wrist measurement...we allow for wiggle room) and handstamped words (bronze nameplate only).

#1 Wish dandelion cuff
#2 scene cuff
#3 Bloom...daisy and bee cuff
#4 and tree cuff
#5 Dare...owl and forest cuff
#6 Grace...swan and babies cuff
#7 and tree cuff
#8 Stretch...sunflower cuff
#9 Nuture...farmgirl and chicken cuff
#10 Goodness...teapot, coffee and tea mug cuffs

Please allow 6-8 weeks for me to design them.  You will receive an email once your one of a kind cuff has shipped:)  It may be much sooner than that time frame, so let me know if you need it by a certain date.  All orders will be placed through the Etsy shop.  The total cost is $135 which includes priority shipping.  International shipping will vary.

I'll need the following information:
  • your design choice #1-10
  • your TIGHT wrist measurement (there are two snaps and we allow for wiggle room)...all sales final.  no changes after the order has been placed please:)
  • your short word or phrase (bronze nameplate blank ONLY)

Thanks girls!!!
Be a blessing,

using my gifts
an all clear on a mammogram scare
spa day with my bestie

happy mail...friends who take the time to lavish you with love
dinner with a new friend
life and the chance to LIVE it!

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