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Thursday, February 21, 2013

death day

We got the call this morning that my Grandma passed away.  My mom flew back home to Illinois last night and Grandma died this morning at 6:15 a.m. in Arizona.  I so wish mom could have been there with her, but they had their sweet goodbyes.  The Lord worked all that out.  Grandma wasn't alone, a precious nurse was by her side as she quietly took her last breath. 

I really didn't think her passing would affect me much.  I know that sounds weird, but we weren't close.  My grandparents moved to Arizona when I was just a year old.  I only have a few memories of as a young girl, taking Big Chick to see her as a baby.  She never even met my little one.  But despite that distance my emotions today are so raw.  In my mind I can hear her voice.  I can see her tiny little form.  I can remember her likes and dislikes...the candy she loved...the stories she used to tell...her amazing apple bars:)  I can picture the way my mom loved and doted on her.  And that is why my heart is heavy.  My momma...

Grandma was 100 years old.  She died of natural causes.  She knew Jesus.  What a blessing!!!  I know that I know that she's in heaven right this second dancing with Him and Grandpa.  She's traded that old feeble body and mind for a brand spankin' new one.  No more pain.  No more suffering.  No more loss.  Can you even imagine?!!  Her death day is a party for her. 

We whisper the word death.  We step around it because it's ugly and painful.  It's a huge giant hole for us...the left behind.  The loss and grief consume, we feel it to the core, but she's a new creation.  Her eternity...her forevermore has finally begun.  Happy death day Grandma...welcome to your forever home.  We love you!

Be a blessing.

997.  a heavenly reunion right now
998.  the promise of a forevermore
999.  the love of a mother
1000.  a God who welcomes us home with open arms!  My 1000 gifts!!!!!!

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Alicia's spring chick virtual baby shower!!!

Good morning friends.  You remember my friend Alicia right?  The one we went to the Outer Banks with last summer?  The one "family" friend we have Thanksgiving with??  Well she's pregnant with her fourth.  Remember this post?  We captured them telling the was awesome.

My girl lives in Asheville away from all her friends and family, so we (me and a bunch of her blogging friends) decided to throw her a VIRTUAL BABY SHOWER!  WHAT??  WOOT WOOT!!!!!  My girl needs some stuff.  Baby chick four can't feel left out.  They had donated most of their baby stuff thinking they were probably done and then decided four felt right:)  So we are replenishing the stock!

Now my friend Alicia can throw a mean party...take a look HERE!  This girl is good.  So it's kind of a relief my shower can be virtual or there would be some major pressure.  Major!

She loves vintage.  Loves the look of anything old school.  SO if I were planning a shower it would have some old chippy white dressers and lots of creams and yellows.  It would have to have that table skirt for sure.  She made me one almost just like it, so I know it looks JUST LIKE HER!

I'd drum up some baby pics of her and Jarrod.  Maybe grandparents too.  I'd have her mom send me toys or momentos from her childhood.  We'd do it up.  I'd try really hard to make her cry.  She's not quite the emotional basket case I am, so it would be a challenge;)

We probably wouldn't play games.  I'm not a fan of baby shower games and since this is my party we'd skip that;) We would however take lots of pictures...'cause that's what we do.  I'd set up a photo booth with some wacky outfits or something and we'd make her try them all on!!!  Ahhhh and maybe we would do a paint project.  ONE giant participant crafty project that she could use later to decorate the baby's room.  Wouldn't that be fun?!

Source: Betty Crocker, Fav Pop, The girl who ate everything

And you know there'd be cake...preferably cupcakes:)  And to go along with her vintage theme we would probably need some sort of white cupcake or something colorless...NOT!  Oh no, not at my shower... ahem I mean Alicia's shower;)  I prefer the ones on the left of course.  How stinking adorable are those!?!  Oh my word.  But really they are all adorable!!!  

And of course there would be gifts.  This part kinda killed me cause I'm a need to know kind of girl.  I NEEEEEEEEED to KNOW THE SEX OF THE BABY!!!!!!  But I don't and I'm really upset alright with it;)  So I got them a cute little assortment of gifts.  If you would like to bless their family as's a link to her Target registry.

First of all I stalked her on Pinterest and found this amazing little lamb print here.  He/she had to have some new smelly goodness and a cute new bib...oh and a soft cuddly take along toy, and one of our favorite books of all time...Time for Bed.  I used to read that to the girls every night before bed.  Love that book!  That's a start.  I'll have to spoil him or her with an outfit or something gender related later I guess;)  

 photo aliciasbloggybutton_zpsebb4789f.jpg

If you know Alicia and want to throw her a shower too jump on board...grab the button and link up.  There's a big giant lovefest going on at Amy's, Amy's, Amy's, Mary's, Suzanne's, Sasha's and Carissa's.

***Oh and a shower wouldn't be a shower at all without a door leave me a comment with a helpful tip you couldn't live without...words of wisdom...or if you don't have any tips maybe some fun baby names:))  The winner will receive a personalized family cuff!!

Be a blessing.

All shower ideas...except the cupcakes came from this awesome magazine Mingle!

992.  my yellow piano
993.  the girls giggling in the backyard right now
994.  sun streaming in
995.  blessing my friend
996.  a community that raises each other high
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Thursday, February 14, 2013

clear the stage

Happy Valentine's day my sweet sweet friends.  I don't have any candy or hearts or balloons for you.  Sorry:/  We can just pretend though right?  Close your eyes...picture we're sitting in a cute little bakery lingering over a delicious cupcake loaded high with cheesecake frosting.  There's swanky music playing in the background and a steaming cup of swirly heart lattes in front of us.  We're laughing and carrying on. this daydream.   We're having a heart to heart, and this is what I said...

I'm not sure if it was the Daniel Fast in January that started the whole thing or what, but for the last several Sundays when I stand in worship at church I feel as if my chest will literally explode.  We are singing songs that we've sang many times before, yet my heart feels like it's the first time I've heard them.  My eyes tear up and spill over for Him.  I can't raise my hands high enough.  I can't sing loud enough.  I want to burst.  The seats are full.  I can feel that revival is in the air.

I've experienced it before.  I grew up in the church.  I know about the meetings that go on and on and on.  I've been to them.  Where you feel His presence so strong you half expect to see Him descend from the sky.  The little hairs on your arms stand at attention.

Our preacher has been talking about the churches in Revelation.  The ones that on the outside were pretty and  pulled together.  The ones where the seats were full and the band was perfect and the pastor gave great messages.  Where everything seemed fine, but on the inside they had dried up and lost their passion.

He's speaking truth to the church about being hungry for Him.  About being filled with the Spirit.  About following in Baptism, about being anointed.  And it's good.  I can feel His presence filling the room.  My spirit man is gobbling it up.  And my girls are sitting right there with us.  They are raising their hands.  Their ears are filling with God's word and I know their hearts are full for Him too.  It's a beautiful thing.

And as my pastor pulls together these messages on the church and the missteps they were taking I'm thinking to myself...Is that me?  Am I pulled together on the outside, but not quite where I should be on the inside?  Is my whole heart 100% HIS?  Is my whole being willing to be used and broken and ready for come what may?

I want it to be.  I don't want to have anything before Him, but if I'm being completely honest with myself I know that I do put other things before Him.  Ack!  I do.  But who doesn't?  Is it even possible to live with Him as the center of my focus all the time?  How can I get there??

Jimmy Needham - Clear the Stage from jimmy-needham on GodTube.

A dear friend told me about this song recently.  Take just a minute and listen...really listen.  It ministered to me in such a big way.  It's called clear the stage.

Happy love day friends.
You really are like Valentine's to me on a daily basis!  Love ya.
Be a blessing.

992.  hunger and thirst for Him
993.  music that ministers
994.  my sweet valentine's
 995.  "leading lady" red lips

996.  honeycomb light love

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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

13 to 100 years

I'm sitting here...the cursor is blinking...taunting me.  I have lots of posts I want to write, but lately I feel like pulling back.  Life is moving fast.  It's rolling on.  We're celebrating milestones and on the back end waiting for heavenly homecomings.

My girlie turned 13 this past week.  That's major.  She's officially a teenager.  I look at her and marvel at the young woman she's become.  She is no longer little...waaaaaaaa!  But that's okay.  I would rather her be who she is now than that cuddly little newborn.  She makes me proud PROUD!  It's a good age.  It's a good time to be a momma.

For her birthday I decided to relive my own teen years a bit, so I went and scooped up all the little make-up tidbits I thought she might like.  No eyeliner.  No major color.  Just a little powder and mascara.  Just a little blusher and some gloss.  I remember my mom teaching me the basics, and it just seems like a good time to pass them on to my sweet girl.  She squealed;)

Little chick got her this to attach to her backpack.  Perfect for her.  Love that she has this outlet.  It's a good thing.  If you don't follow her on Instagram you should check her out...bigchick7 is her IG name.  She has a gift.

Okay so in addition to my girlie reaching a milestone this past week my mom's mom is about to make her grand entrance to Heaven soon.  She turned 100 back in November and has been declining rapidly.  My mom got the call that she's only got a few days, so she flew out to Arizona to be with her.  She's there now.  She wants to be there when she finally dies.  I'm praying this gift for her.  It's major.  She's had her momma for 70 years.  She wants to be by her side when she sees Jesus.  Please pray with me too.  We would really appreciate it.

Be a blessing.

989.  the washing machine doing my work for me in the background
990.  that my momma made it
991.  phone calls with friends

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Friday, February 8, 2013

the soft place

Happy Friday friends.  I hope you've had a great week.  To be honest I've been kind of a hot frazzled mess.  I'm 100% blaming hormones.

The other night I dreamed I was sitting in my daughter's third grade class getting ready for her Valentine's day party when in saunters Kelle Hampton.  Love her!  She's my blog crush.  She's also 9 months pregnant.  Anyway she sashays in...looking gorgeous and all put together as usual and she starts handing out lovely handmade Valentine's to MY daughter's class.  Meanwhile much to my horror I realize I don't have any Valentine's for little chick to hand out and she starts sobbing on the disappointed in me.

I mean what in the world kind of convoluted dream is that!?!?  I woke up in a teary panic..heart saddened.  I mean isn't that every woman's worst moment...dropping one of the many balls we have flying in the air. Letting down the people we love the most.  Grrrrrrrr!

Then there was the lunch with a friend that had me in a sobbing state when she just casually mentioned she might move. Might.  Probably won't, but might.  Did I say might??  I lost it.  Seriously I couldn't even make eye contact.  It's no secret moving was hard for me, but finding and keeping a friend that I have so much in common with...who gets me.  Well that's like a lifeline right now.  It took a feather to push me over that edge.

Seriously I blame hormones, but I also know that I love deeply. I'm emotional and sentimental and one giant sloppy mess most days, but that's okay.  I care a whole lot about the people in my life and sometimes that sets you up for big hurt.

As much as I love them, I know that I know, that it's just a teeeeeeny tinnnny speck of how much my Savior loves me...Valentine's in hand or not...emotional hot mess and all;)   Resting in that soft place of reassurance.  

**Thank you all so much for sharing your love stories with me.  I read each one.  It's so good to remember back isn't it??  Okay so the winner of the Eco Natural Soap give-away is:
Lindsey at Piecefully Home!  Congrats girl!!  
Her love story is here.  It's a good one.

Be a blessing.

985.  my big chick who turned 13 today!  
986.  cuban food with tamara
987.  sunsets that set the sky on fire
988.  cupcakes in my near future

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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

our love story & a give-away!!


When Danielle asked me to write our love story I didn't hesitate. I love thinking about how we God brought us together. I've written our story before. It started in high school. Long story short I fell for the bad boy. We all do it. We think they need us...that we can change them. I fell hard and got majorly hurt. My honey came after that hurt. He was ALL good. He saw past the pain and took care of me. Nice role reversal...

TO READ THE REST CLICK HERE...and then come back for the give-away;)

Okay friends...I've got a little treat for you.  I was asked recently to try out some products from an all natural, organic, family owned business called Eco Natural Soap.  They sent me a selection of products and I have to say I'm completely smitten

The Citrus Sunshine dry skin balm is absolutely heavenly.  It takes just a little bit and your hands are instantly soothed and moisturized.  The smell is amazing!!! 

The lemon-rosemary lip balm was a surprise.  It's bumpy on your lips, so that threw me, but my lips LOVE me when I put it on.  It's my favorite product!  It has completely won me over and you know I'm the lip balm queen.  I can't get in the car without applying.  The smell is beyond good and it's all natural.

The soaps they sent...The closest shave , The coconut milk/honey oatmeal bar and The Jojoba, shea and flaxseed bath and body bar are awesome.  I collect soaps.  I'm fussy.  I love to smell good and it needs to make me feel squeaky clean, but not dried out.  These all delivered!  I'm really excited that one of you will win 2 soaps, 1 body balm and 1 lip balm:)!! Go check out their site and let me know what you would pick...also just for fun if ya want...I'd love to hear YOUR love story. 

Be a blessing.


980.  friends over for the super bowl
981.  brownies two days in a row...eeeek!
982.  dinner and board games with the sweetest family
983.  CUFF sales that blew my mind...THANK YOU!!!!
984.  going down memory love lane 
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Friday, February 1, 2013

Open for business...occasionally

Happy February 1st friends!!  Can you even believe that?  I thought taking a breather from my shop in January would feel really long.  I would get soooo much accomplished, but it didn't really pan out that way:/ 

I did organize my studio...that was MAJOR!! And I did a few things I've wanted to get done, but beginning that new thing didn't happen yet.  But it will, and it will because I'm doing something drastic. Well not drastic, but different.  I've decided to make my Etsy shop occasional

That means...

I will only be accepting orders and have my shop in view from the 1st through the 15th of the month.  I hope this isn't too hard for you to remember, or that it will discourage you from ordering, but I just need to continue to set aside time to pursue this thing;) 

With that being said I'm OPEN FOR BUSINESS today!!!  I've found some reliable new suppliers, (so no more hiccups!!) and I'm ready to create something special just for you. 

As an "open for business" gift I'm offering a 15% discount this month.  Maybe a cuff with your word for the year...or a Valentine's day gift to yourself or a loved one:)  Just enter occasional15 in the coupon code.

Be a blessing.
975.  flipflops in January
976.  supplies that came in
977.  letters in the mail that make my heart sing
978.  possibilities
979.  carving time to begin
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