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Monday, September 15, 2014


Good morning friends!!!  It's OPENING DAY!!!! 

EEEEK:)) We are pretty excited this morning to share with you all we've been working on for the last few months.  Summer is over, it's time to get back to routine, back to cuffing just for you:))  The shop will close back up on Sept 24th at 5:00 pm EST.  Keep that in mind.

We've added a newsletter!  This is important because it will keep those of you that don't blog much anymore or check Instagram that often to keep in the loop.  All you need to do is sign up at the top of my blog where it says sign up:) About a week or so before each of our four yearly opens I'll send out a reminder email that the shop is getting ready to open with our dates and a coupon code for you. We'll also showcase any exciting developments etc... 

So just in case you missed the first newsletter this month I am offering handpainted, handburned designer cuffs again! I love using my artsy creative side to make these for you.  Each is still custom sized and handstamped to make it your own.  A template is NOT used, so each one is slightly different...THEREFORE super COOL!!!!

This will be the only month to get these exact designs.  And the only opportunity to order them this year:)  Because they are time consuming any orders placed now will not mail out until the first week of November.  So think ahead friends.  They are pretty special and very unique.  Only a limited number will be made.  Each is signed by me on the inside and come with a very sweet little insert/scripture about the word I chose for that design.

The winner of the newsletter sign up give-away is DONNA PIGFORD!!!  Congrats Donna.  I'll be emailing you:)

We've added a new section to the shop called WOnKy!  It's for those perfectly imperfect cuffs that maybe have an extra hole, a little too much distressing, a smoky smell etc...  Those cuffs will be sold at a discounted price, so you might want to check it out:)

 Another exciting development that will be highlighted in the newsletter is our giving vision for that particular opening.  I've been wanting to do something far reaching...something extra special with this gift of business God has given me.  So a portion of EVERY sale will benefit something the Lord has laid directly on my heart.

This month's giving vision is going to the Global Service Network...specifically the Graham Family.  When Carissa first told me of their plan to move across the country so her husband Kelly could attend Seminary school I was like whoa that's a game changer. Exciting!  San Francisco!!  But the actual details of stepping out in faith are always a challenge. They've sold everything they own and now live in a teeny 650 sq ft apartment with their two littles. There have been many challenges and some major setbacks, but I'm confident that supporting this family, at this time in their ministry season, is the right thing to do. It's going to be very exciting to see what the Lord is going to do in their lives.  

Thank YOU friends for being a part of this outpouring of love!!!  Bless you!!

Okay it's time to get to work.  Here are this month's awesome promo partners in spreading the word.  Check out their Instagram feeds for coupon codes!  

Thank you so much for what is going to be an awesome few weeks of stamping:)

Be a blessing.


new landscaping that will hopefully look good...more to come
a subway tile backsplash that will hopefully look good...more to come
a terribly timed sugar detox that will hopefully go well;)...more to come

 a new look...dark auburn hair and the sweetest hair friend:)

a great first few weeks of school.  new friday night memories:)
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