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Sunday, March 19, 2023

The Great Reset

Hello, my sweet friends,
Gosh, I've missed you.  If you're reading this it's probably because I directed you to my long-forgotten blog.  I'm resurfacing after a month-long Instagram break.  I felt a strong NUDGE to get off social media.  Usually, I take a day or two off and this time I just knew it had to be longer, much longer. 

Remember the train derailment in Ohio a little bit ago?  That freaked me out!  I think we get a little acclimated to all of the fear-mongering and the constant bad news, but the thought of our water supply being messed up and those people's lives being completely disrupted by something out of their control.  Well, it wrecked me.  I don't lose my peace easily, so it was time to evaluate my emotions and I felt the need to back off from screen time.  I don't watch the news, so the accounts on social media were influencing my emotions and in complete honesty, I was getting out of the presence of God's perfect peace.  Because when we stay in tune with Him all the crazy has a way of getting less scary. 

The day after I uninstalled Instagram, I was taking my walk on our hill, and I felt the Lord say, "Finally!"  It was like He was just waiting for me to put my phone down and get my eyes back on Him, so He could speak to me.  And speak to me He did, and not just on that walk, but revelation after revelation all.month.long!  When I say it was good I MEAN IT!  I'm changed.

The first "epiphany" I had was that I wasn't going back to the way I'd been doing Instagram.  Aside from this week, I'm keeping it off my phone. This week is hard, because I'm traveling to Mississippi and Texas for the "Love is a Battlefield" event in Round Top, TEXAS!!! There are tickets STILL AVAILABLE!! Please come hear my talk about breaking free from friendship hurts!  It's a word from the Lord 100%!!  I don't speak in front of people because it terrifies me, but I'm filled with so much peace!  That HAS to be Him.  I finally get to share my story and I just know it's going to set people FREE!  

So Instagram... it's staying uninstalled.  Did you know you can use it from your laptop?!!  I have to figure out how to do stories, but that's a price I'm willing to pay.  I'm going back to blogging.  And the freedom I feel with that decision is enough to make me weepy.  Blogging is where it all began.  Looking for joy in the small things...  Seeing God everywhere, and in all the things around me, and sharing it with you was for me the highest high, and it saved me from a deep hole of depression.  I got lost along the way.  Instagram was easy and accessible, but it became a huge distraction and I'm ready to get back on track.

The second "Epiphany" was about my health.  This is a long story and I'll make sure to share it soon, but basically, I've been bouncing around doctors' offices all month long and I'm so full of hope.  Not from the doctors, but from doing my own research and finally laying down some bad habits and picking up eye-opening insight that is breaking chains.  There's a lot to tell you and I'm still on this information-gathering journey, but I promise to keep you in the loop.  

The third epiphany is that I love painting!  I knew I did, but due to the constant distractions, I didn't make time to do it.  With my head clear and no self-imposed deadlines, I created seven new paintings this month! Seven!!   I have 5 more to go for my Maine Series, which I plan on turning into this year's calendar.  I've been marveling at my Creator once again.  He's helping me paint people! That's not my specialty and I'm doing it!  

So that's where I'm at friends.  This blog is getting dusted off and I'm hoping to post new epiphanies once a week!  There are other things on my heart I'm praying about too, but I think this is a first step.  I pray you follow along.  Good things are coming:) 


You are so loved! 


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