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Sunday, November 24, 2013

flash flood warning

I'm sitting in my trashed studio.  Little pieces of leather and metal shards surround my chair.  Eraser pad dust covers every surface.  I still have a laundry basket of cuffs to set, but I have a post on my heart and when that happens I must get it out:)

Girls it feels like we were hit by one of those giant tsunami waves.  There was a warning siren.  We heard it in the distance.  We thought we prepared ourselves...that we were ready.  We went to high ground, but when those flood gates were open it was wave after wave of orders.  A flood of blessing:)  

My honey heard a message from Joel Osteen a few weeks prior to our opening, and he would go through the house and occasionally yell out "FLASH Flood Warning".  He was so right.  The Lord opened those gates and we were literally flooded.  Thank you so much!!!

I struggle with this new thing. This feeling of success, of being proud, and wanting to tell everyone and then wanting to keep quiet because I don't want to look braggy etc...  It's weird.  It's a pull, and I'm not sure what to say or do.  

On opening day we sold more cuffs than ALL of last year.  I was stunned.  Like I wanted to curl up in a ball and suck my thumb because I didn't know if we could physically handle it.  Then on the other hand I wanted to cry tears of joy and rejoice and shout it from the rooftop!  

I think I'll choose the second option.  And shout God did this!!!  He's given the shop favor:)  He's grown it.  He deserves the praise.  I don't want to hide the good things He has done because I'm worried about people.  So YAY!!!  Go God.  You are amazing and I'm humbled to be your servant.  I'm humbled to be a part of this plan you have for my life.  It's all yours!  I know You will help us navigate through these HIGH waters.  You won't let us drown.  

I wish you could spend a day in the shop.  To see the frenzy at which we work.  It's hard.  It's stressful.  I struggle with mommy guilt because I'm so spent at the end of each day.  There just isn't anything left.  Almost every order has MANY back and forth emails to nail out the details.  There is STUFF everywhere.  It could be mass confusion...and sometimes it is, but there is also a grace on it.  I can feel that.

And this girl, "My Tamara" as my little chick refers to her, she is a complete and utter gift.  I WOULD NOT be able to do this without her.  She's right by my side every day, night and weekend.  I had to let go of some creative things this time and entrust them to her and it was painful.  But months ago I had a dream that God said...Let it go and watch it grow.  And He's bringing that to pass.  I have to be obedient.  I have to let some things go.

Tomorrow someone's daddy will be buried in a cuff that says be brave, choose joy.  He used to speak that to his children.!  

Oh my...this is so much more than just a little hobby or business.  This is a calling and I'm so honored to be a part of what God is doing.  Thank you again for showing up.  We will do our best to serve you.  

**Shop will reopen February 3rd.  
FOR ONLY 5 DAYS!  We'll be open in March as well.** 

Heading to Asheville this week for Thanksgiving.  Love Thanksgiving!!!!
What are your special plans?

Be a blessing.

big chick ran her first 5K. proud momma moment!
the basement remodel is coming along:) color me happy!
my honey's part time gig...fgp mailboy;)
My artwork is finally ready:))  GALLERY PRINTS ARE NOW AVAILABLE!!!!  Click here to buy:))  More on that later!!

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Monday, November 11, 2013

November shop is LIVE!!!

I have that famous Christmas poem going through my mind except mine goes something like this... 
Twas the night before our Opening, and all through the house...
not a hammer was pounding not even mallet (doesn't rhyme).
The cuffs were hanging on their trees with much care...
in hopes that all of you would soon be right there;) 
I in my nightie all snuggled in bed,
images of leather twirling through my head...
Excitement was brewing. 
The anticipation was great.
No sleep would be had...
unfortunately it would have to wait;)

I'm a dork...what can I say?!  Maybe I should stick with cuff making;)
We've been working SO hard to get ready for this day.  Months of gathering leather, cutting, punching, hammering, snapping and unsnapping, photographing, editing, listing etc...  But alas we are ready!!!!  And I feel like a kid the night before Christmas morning.  I'm super excited this time.  Like READY!!!!  I've got help. We've got a system:)

Some last few shots of the shop.  This is hopefully our last opening in this room.  As I type this hammers are nailing in drywall to finish up a bedroom and bathroom in our basement.  The girls playroom will become our new FGP headquarters and the bedroom will be my art space EEEEEEEK!!!!  It really needed to be done.  With honey working from home our current situation wasn't working out so well.  We'll be WAY down in the basement.  Hopefully no hammers will be heard;)
My lifesavers;)
Tamara, Adele and Deanna

The shop IS OFFICIALLY through November 20th!!!!  ***Please note this is the last opening until February 1st!  Hopefully we've got what you need...BUT if we sell out or you are looking for something specific please ask.  We've got buckets of leather we can maybe whip something up for you special.  We're nice like that;) 

Also please read through the listings.  We've tried to thoroughly explain the whole process from beginning to end including our shipping policies etc...  If you read it most of your questions will be answered:)

Oh and we're going to start a fun new thing on the first day of every opening to help spread the word that the shop is open and give word ideas.   If you've bought a cuff in the past we would love to see you wearing your cuff... a little cuff selfie:)  YOUR FACE and cuff in one pic!

EEEEEK!!  Here are a few from last night.  Love LOVED seeing your faces:))  Please tag #farmgirlpaintsetsy on IG (public users only) or blog about it, let me know, and you'll be entered to win a free cuff.  I'll announce the winner Monday evening around 5pm EST.  Thank you girlies:))

PSSSSSS...Don't forget to check out
this month's awesome shop sponsors for your
coupon codes!!!

 Casey @ Casey Leigh
Susan @ Charming Lucy
Shannan @ Flower Patch Farmgirl
Kristi @ barnowlprimitives on IG
Nick @ nickholden on IG


Be a blessing.

November 11th is finally here:)
sweet sweet helpers!
lots of amazing belts
the ability to work from home and create meaningful things
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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

If you've been hurt...

A few nights ago I had a dream.  We were in a car driving, and off to the right was a huge clearing, and lining the clearing were two rows of big trees.  Passing through the trees and out into the open pasture were two enormous elephants.  I yelled, STOP THE CAR...CHRISTMAS CARD PHOTO!!! ;)  And then immediately we were in another dream scene changing our clothes in a stranger's upstairs bedroom.  I opened the door to voices downstairs and apologized for using their bedroom.  Fast forward to the next scene when we were riding those elephants in our fancy new clothes!!

Strange right?  But I'm a big believer in God revealing himself through dreams.  So I looked up elephants and found that elephants represent power, strength, faithfulness, intellect and steadfastness.  To dream you are riding one means you are overcoming aspects of things you were once afraid of.  Interesting.

I think there is a tie in somewhere between that dream and what the Lord has been showing me.  

I know there are a lot of you hurting.  I read your letters.  And honestly I have no idea what to say back most of the time.  I'm just like you.  Walking through this life one day at a time.  Seeking wisdom daily.  Stumbling at times...looking for answers.  But He knows my heart, and I so badly want to be used, to be poured out.  So the ONLY answer I have is to point to Him.  He knows what to say.  He knows what you need.

Many of the hurts stem from the church. Which breaks my heart.  Then there are those have been majorly hurt by a close family member.  People who should have been trustworthy...who should have loved you unconditionally, they've left you feeling shattered, broken, lied to...shamed.  And when those close to us leave us hurting it's hard to trust again.  It can be a challenge to believe that God has our backs.  That He loves us unconditionally...because for some reason he allowed that hurt right?  He allowed you to get kicked in the gut and honestly you feel betrayed. 

I think the only way we can move past those feelings is to realize that satan uses people.  Whether they are in the church, fellow believers, family members, best friends, strangers etc...  He can and will use people to hurt you, to get you off course.  He's a liar.  He's out to steal, kill, and destroy us.  To deceive us.  We can't forget who the real enemy is.

That's why there is so much emphasis on forgiveness in the Bible.  We HAVE to step into forgiveness to move forward in our faith walk.  The Lord forgave us.  We must forgive others...including ourselves.  If we hold onto the past and relive the hurt, we are in a constant holding pattern and we can't break free into what He's got for us.

And what He's got for us is major!!  

He wants to lavish you in love.  He wants to use YOU for His kingdom.  He wants you to sit high, a child of the KING, and ride that elephant in your shiny new outfit...that He paid the price for.  

Slate wiped clean.
Assured of His unconditional affection for you.

So if you've been hurt...I'm believing with you that those old things you've been carrying around will come off right now in the name of Jesus.  That the pain of the past will not define you, and that your present and future will be like Christmas morning...full of beautiful surprises, lavish love gifts, and an underlying excitement of good things to come!!!  Walk tall in His promises.  


BTW girls I wanted to spotlight a really sweet shop that you are sure to recognize...Kristi from Barn Owl Primitives.  I just got these for the future basement studio:))  They are so cute!!!  Took me forever to narrow it down because she's got so many great signs to choose from.

Kristi's signs are amazing, and her designs are in Target, HomeGoods, TJMaxx, Marshalls, Bed Bath & Beyond, Hobby Lobby and Cost Plus World etc...  She's the real deal, and I'm so excited she's offering my readers a special discount to her shop.  Check her out here and be sure to enter FARMGIRL15 for 15% off.  

Happy Christmas shopping:))'s a comin'!

Be a blessing.

Halloween family time
the right to vote
 the shop OPENS this coming MONDAY!!!
most comfortable boots ever!

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