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Friday, April 29, 2011

the coffee shack fiasco

Okay rule number one when going to Hawaii or anywhere warm and tropical...take the first day and veg.  Go to the pool.  Stay close to home.  Don't no matter how tempted you are get in a car and drive for several hours.

Remember how pmsy I said I was?  Well it was like a bad sort of boomerang effect.  Honey has had a lot on his mind lately, so he's been in a mood.  Kind of quiet.  Kind of touchy. That's not a good combo with my (in a high squeaky voice) we're in Hawaii...let's do everything...why aren't you having fun??  You're bringing me down

Add Hawaiian music...which I adore, but he hates and it's a drive from hell.  I kind of get why he hates it.  It's the exact same music in every single store and!  It's a little much.  But who doesn't love "Over the Rainbow" by IZ?  That song makes me cry when I hear it.  It takes me right to the Jeep with the wind whippin' in my hair...sun warm on my skin.  It's amazing how a song can transport you to a certain place in time.

Speaking of IZ, let's be honest he was a large man.  A little sumo like.  By the end of the week I could completely relate to IZ.  The only thing that I felt comfortable wearing was a large swimsuit cover up and flip flops.  How can underwear be tight??  Seriously...not good.   

Before we left home someone told me about The Coffee Shack in Kona.  It was supposed to be this awesome little hole in the wall kinda place with beautiful tree top views etc...  Sooo worth the drive right?  Maybe, but not on the first day.  It was a nightmare literally.  We got lost in the mountains.  Oh and did I mention we were starving?? 

There were beautiful little interesting spots that I of course wanted to take pictures of but Hon was in such a hurry that the scenery was a blur.  I barked out on more than one occasion to STOP THE CAR!  It's a Hawaiian cemetery.  You know I love cemeteries.  And it's cool is that?  Can I please take a picture??

It's a gorgeous GORGEOUS view and we are in Hawaii for cryin' out loud.  STOP THE CAR.  And someone get out here and take my picture for heaven's sake!!!

There were gorgeous trees.  Flowers literally falling from the sky with an aroma so sweet it was intoxicating.  Can we please STOP THE I can take a picturePretty please:)

Once we finally got there it was a beautiful spot.  Tucked in the trees just like my friend had said.

I was all excited...the Mr. Porky was calling my name.  I LOVE Hawaiian pork.  Had just driven 2 stressful hours for the pork.  It's one of my absolute favorite things about Hawaii.  Then the waitress informs me they had just served their last plate of pork. 


I seriously had to breath in and out for a solid minute.  I was SO on the verge of tears.  I could feel a hissy fit coming on.  That my friends is the struggle I have with hormones.  It makes me completely irrational and about to blow over the itty bittiest things. 

Somehow after we got some food in our bellies the stress of getting lost, not getting what we wanted and the anger of the day all just seemed to melt away.  Thank God I'm married to my best friend.  The one who knows the good, bad and ugly and still manages to love me anyway.  Marriage isn't always sunshine and rainbows...even in Hawaii.  Thank God we still had 7 days to learn to let go and not stress over all the little things.


Have a blessed day.

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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

we snuck the BIG ISLAND!!!

It was early January.  Snow was flying.  The sharp frigid air was simply unbearable.  It was so cold you just wanted nothing but to stay under your electric blanket all day.  That was when the inspiration came.  We had to escape...had TO GET OUTTA DODGE...and once more we decided to gravitate to the warmth and beauty of our beloved Hawaii.  This time we were going to try a different island...The Big Island

It was with a little nervous energy that I booked our trip to that island.  It's really different than Maui.  The landscape is more harsh.  It's known for having rocky hard to get to beaches.  It's got the big volcanoes.  Oh and then news came of eruptions, tsunamis, earthquakes and radiation.  We almost changed our plans...many times, but we decided to brave it and I'm really glad we did.  Change is good. 

We got our toes ready.


Packed and planned and did the dreaded travel day.

And then it came into view...the beautiful blue against the harsh black lava landscape.

We made it...and no one got sick!!

And this was our sweet next day morning reward...paradise.  Glorious sunshine.  Birds singing soft and sweet.  Palm trees shaking their leaves.  It was glorious.

You would think with all God's goodness right in front of you it would be easy to relax.  To exhale and just enjoy every second.  BUT we were wound as tight as ever and it took us several days to finally get into our groove. 

For some reason we put pressure on ourselves when we vacation.  It's a BIG deal for us to go to Hawaii.  It's expensive and we had no idea what to do first.  We didn't know where anything was and I had dropped the ball with having a plan.  Usually I'm on it, but for some reason this time I was a little clueless.

They call it the Big Island for a reason. It's really big!  And really spread out.  There's a lot of driving between places and we were over our heads a bit.  Didn't help that I was pmsing...goodness!  And Honey had a ton of stuff going on inside his world.  We were a little off.  It took some time.

But we eventually started letting go.  We started to not care if we did this or that.  Started to not fuse over sticky sunscreen and gravely sand in uncomfortable places, and it was only then that the fun began and we actually started to flourish.  I took a LOT of pictures girls.  Hope you're ready to go to the Big Island with us:)

Have a blessed day.

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Saturday, April 23, 2011

the inbetween

When I start a new project for someone I go through a gamut of emotions.  This sounds really weird, but initially it starts with panic.  Panic that someone is going to pay me to paint something special.  And it's always special.  It's usually a gift.  So that adds to the pressure.  And it's always a surprise...geesh!  I can't help myself, but I always feel scared.  Always! 

I get my blank canvas out and start with the background.  It never looks good in the beginning.  But I push on...hoping, praying that the globs of paint will somehow amount to something beautiful in the end.  I always pray over my paintings and listen to worship music.  It really helps to calm my anxious heart and focus on the task at hand.

Somewhere during the process the details start to take shape and then it finally becomes something.  Oddly enough it's not until the end that any of it makes sense.  And that's what drives me crazy.  I want to see the end before I begin.  I want the reassurance that it's going to be great.  I don't want to just have faith.  Faith is scary.  You're stepping out into the unknown.  It feels risky to just trust the process.

I can tell you with everything in me that I have never been disappointed.  God has always met me in the in between.  He always shows up to guide my take my make whatever it is beautiful. 

So when will the doubt stop?  When will I learn to let go and not panic?  I wish I could say that every experience brings me closer to that glorious realization, but it doesn't.  Every time the process starts all over and I go through the emotions again.  I'm so glad He's patient with me:)

My latest project was special indeed.  This painting was for a missionary family.  God placed a burden on their hearts for prostitutes in the area they live and they're opening their home to help them heal and become whole.  What an honor to have my work be apart of something so amazing!

Have a blessed day.

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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Interview with a blogger

My friend Heidi is celebrating her two year blogging anniversary with a month of blogger interviews.  Isn't that a great idea?  They are so fun to read.  When she asked me if I would like to participate I was like uh...YEAH sign me up!!  Who doesn't like being interviewed?:)  So please come on over and say hi.

Have a blessed day.

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Sunday, April 17, 2011

water that seed

My chicks are notorious for "reminding" me of things.  If there is something they want to do or don't want me to forget they will constantly out of the blue blurt it out.  We could be watching tv and it will just pop out.  If we are in line at the grocery store there it is etc...  When a little seed is planted it stays and roots in and well...they won't let me forget about it:) 

For Big Chick this little seedling started shortly after she started playing the trumpet.  Remember that post?? Well she's done so well.  She actually practices on her own...without me nagging her.  She's in the highest group of trumpet players.  I'm very proud of her.  But despite her talent with that horn she has another that just won't die.  Every day for months and months she has talked about the violin.  I have no idea where this desire came from exactly, but she wants nothing more than to play that instrument.

This violin was my Grandpa's.  It was his instrument of choice also.  When we went back to mom and dad's recently she got to play around with it a little.  Just enough to really get excited.  Now it seems we see violins everywhere.  Any time you turn on the tv there is a violinist.  Who knew?  Apparently it's the trend.  You can play rock, country...just about anything with that instrument.

I'm excited for her.  We are putting the trumpet aside and letting that little seed grow.  Not sure if it will take.  Not sure if her interest will stick.  But she will get the chance to try out that dream.  I have a feeling it's going to be great.  It has to be...her heart is so full and for it I just believe she will succeed.  Is there a dream that you have?  If the desire just won't fade maybe you should go for it and see what happens.  Maybe it's time to water that seed.

Have a blessed day.

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

full circle

My chicks just whirled out the door for the bus.  Mornings are always a flurry of activities.  Last minute papers to be signed, hairstyles to be decided upon, spelling words to go over...and the occasional lunch to pack.  The afternoon is the exact same.  They fling open the door calling my name before it's even shut.  Wanting my attention.  Needing just a little of me.

It amazes me really how little they actually need.  If I just give them my solid attention for a few minutes sprinkled throughout the day they are happy and content.  Cuddle time on the couch.  Prayers and squeezes before bed.  Little words of I love you, I'm so proud of you, You're just the cutest thing.  It never really changes does it?  As we get older we still long for that attention.  Need those words of encouragement.  Want to feel attended to and taken care of.  If only for a minute. 

As little chick turned back to blow me a kiss this morning she said you're the best.   My heart swelled.  She made me feel special.  It's what she does.  Her teachers even say that at school she's constantly telling them they're the best.  I love that words of encouragement pour out of her little spirit.   I love that as I pour into her life, she's pouring into others.  That's what it's about.  That's why we're here.  THAT'S what we were born to do:)  It's coming full circle. 

Have a blessed day.

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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

the maze

When I was a little girl I was completely in love with hospitals.  Weird huh?  I loved the way they smelled and how important they were.  I was in awe of the people who worked in them.  I couldn't wait until I turned 12, so I could become a candystriper.  It was my dream.  I loved putting on my little uniform.  I felt so important changing the water pitchers, making the beds and transferring patients to x-ray.  It was awesome. 

When I got in high school I started observing Occupational Therapist's and quickly decided that that's what I wanted to do with my life.  It was just the perfect health profession job for me.  No clean up or blood...hopefully.  Regular daytime hours.  Great pay.  I was sold.  I knew what I wanted.

Honey and I both went to junior college taking many of the same classes together.  About a year in we decided to get married and the rest is history.  I worked while he went to school and when he graduated I tried and tried to get into a local Occupational Therapy Assistant program.  Because I was out of the district my name was way down the list.  I tried for three years.  THREE YEARS people!  And then finally I decided to take things in my own hands.  I lied on my application form giving them a friend's address who happened to live close to the school.  I even went as far as changing my driver's license address just in case.  I was desperate.  I wanted in soooo badly. 

Not long after I mailed in the form the Holy Spirit started to convict me something awful.  The guilt of lying was just unbearable.  I couldn't get in that way and live with myself.  SO I mailed another letter, this time admitting what I had done and apologizing.  I wish I had that letter.  I wish I could see what I wrote and maybe frame it for an example of what not to do. 

Anyway that letter got me in.  My teacher was so intrigued by this strange girl and her convictions that she just had to meet me, and I was allowed an interview and then finally a position in the program!  The funny thing is I've never used my degree, but my interest in creating emerged from the projects my teacher had us work on.

There are so many more of these kinds of stories from my life.  Times where I got tired of waiting.  Times where I wanted to be in control.  Times where I screwed up and He gave me an out.  Saved me from myself.  My life...our life together has been one big example of God's hand gently moving us.  I can almost see us in a maze, blindfolded, not knowing which way to go and His hand takes us and gently moves us along the path.  He does that.  He gets us to the finish line.  It may seem like the long way around.  It may not make a bit of sense, but the lessons learned and the journey itself was worth it all at the end.  Can't wait to see what may be around the next bend.

Have a blessed day.

These paintings have nothing to do with my post.  Just haven't added them to my Etsy store yet.  If you are interested in buying one email me:)
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