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Wednesday, January 19, 2022

Our C*vid Story

My story:

I used to feel so proud... We had made it to the two-year mark without getting the dreaded C, and now here I am feeling compelled more than ever to write about this touchy topic.  It feels like a war story.  I’m only putting it out there, so maybe someone else’s life will be saved. Having to research and advocate is just a whole extra layer of stress that you don't want to encounter when you're sick.  I pray this helps someone. *DISCLAIMER... I’m not a medical professional and this is all testimony and personal experience.

On December 17th, I got sick.  My symptoms began as a two-day migraine, that morphed into body aches, and then four days of an unrelenting sore throat.  The sore throat made me go to the doctor because I thought I had strep and we were leaving soon for a vacation to Arizona.  Antibiotics might be needed. Of course, they wanted to test me for C*vid.  I really didn’t think I had it, it was cold and flu symptoms.  I could still taste and smell etc… this was 6 days in…I lost them later.  I tested negative for strep and flu, and positive for C*vid.

My girls and husband (never tested) apparently had a mild case of it and gave it to me.  On the seventh day, I arranged to have a concierge doctor come to the house and administer an IV vitamin infusion.  Which was WONDERFUL.  Up until that point, I was just taking over-the-counter Dayquil and Ibuprofen.  The vitamin boost made my energy perk up and I thought for a fleeting second, I was completely over it.  The next day it came back…the body aches, low energy, etc.  We were scheduled to fly to AZ on Christmas morning.  I just knew once I got into that desert air everything would be fine.  I was past the contagious point, so it was just a matter of getting there.

Instead, what happened is the night before we were to leave, I got a fever and woke up vomiting.  In spite of how I felt I rallied and made it to the car.  I threw up once more on the way and STILL pushed on… determined to make our vacation work:/  Once we got to the airport, I absolutely couldn’t move from the car.  And from there it spiraled fast, by the time we got to the end of our driveway I had completely blacked out, I was choking on my vomit and I had lost all bodily functions if you know what I mean.  I came to, half out of the car with my girls sobbing, Brian hysterical. They finally got me back in the car and got us up to the house.  

I spent the rest of the day in bed sick in every way with Brian cleaning up after me.  Too weak to make it to the bathroom.  Uncontrollable chills.  The whole bit.  I later found out this crazy weird dramatic episode is called a “cyto storm”.  Your body’s inflammation response goes on hyperdrive and more or less attacks itself.  Early on many died because their organs shut down!  I had no idea! That one day took me another week of complete weakness to recover from.  **Also, this is a good place to point out that, over the counter, Zyrtec and Pepcid are used to prevent this from happening.  So, if you suspect you have C…start that regime immediately.

During that last week of sickness, I finally reached out to a pharmacy and asked them if they had the Ivermectin everyone was talking about.  They did, but wouldn’t give it without a doctor’s prescription.  I promptly called my urgent care where I was tested and they said they wouldn’t give it.  So, I called the pharmacy again and they told me someone who would.  I arranged a video call with that doctor the next day and got my C*vid protocol going once and for all.  On day 18 my strength slowly returned.  And two days later we were in a car heading to Illinois because my momma was admitted to the hospital with pneumonia.

My Momma Dixie's story:

I know that I know that my strength returned just in time to advocate for my momma.  I got a phone call from her doctor saying her oxygen levels were down to 78.  She was sure she had pneumonia and thought (because she was coughing up blood) she might have a blood clot. I lost it on the phone, basically begging the doctor not to send her to the hospital.  We had heard one story after the next of friends and family being admitted and never coming out alive.  All the warning signs were going off.  The doctor assured me if it was her mom she’d do the same, and so after praying over my momma they escorted her by ambulance to the ER.  The only reason I conceded was the possible blood clot.

I was still super weak from my own sickness, but this urgency to get to her wouldn’t let up.  We packed our bags and within an hour we were on our way to Illinois. Her tests results came back that she had pneumonia, but no blood clot.  In my mind, I was like okay then let’s get her on some meds, oxygen and get her home!  After watching this video about a woman who lost her dad in the hospital, and then her using this protocol to save her father-in-law, I was educated enough to know she had to say no IMMEDIATELY to the ventilator and to the Remdesiver drug.  Remdesiver is known to cause renal failure and a VERY HIGH % of people who go on ventilators DIE!  While the hospitals get $39,000 for each person they get on one of those machines.  Here's a video about that!  WHY?  While we were driving mom calls me barely able to get the words out, and says “that drug you told me to say off of… it starts with an R??  They’re trying to talk me into it right now!”  And as soon as she said no to it, they were trying to get her on another high-risk drug.

All the while they never gave her any of the C*vid protocol that has been proven to work.  They didn’t give her any vitamins, or get her up moving.  They wouldn’t let her use a nebulizer with the Budesonide that has been PROVEN to heal the lungs of patients with pneumonia.  Why?  “Because it spreads the germs in the mist.”  Lies!

The worst part of all is that absolutely no one is allowed on the C*vid floor.  So, they are completely isolated and often times too weak or not educated enough to advocate for themselves. I tried to talk to the nurse and she refused.  

I would call mom in the morning and she was so distraught.  No one had checked on her during the night.  Her call button wasn’t working and her cord was too short to make it to the bathroom.  Drenched in sweat, blood pressure soaring, oxygen levels low…the on-call nurse finally made it into her room the next morning and in a panic to get her levels up jacked up her oxygen from 7ML to 15ML.  Did you know too much oxygen is just as bad as not enough?!! We knew we had to get her out, but her primary care doctor said her oxygen needs were way too high to have her at home. Another misinformation... Here's where you can arrange to get more oxygen.

The night before her discharge I had posted something about going to war and getting her home and a precious soul reached out to me on Instagram and said her husband could help me.  I immediately called him and he put me on a conference call with a Frontline doctor.  I was taking notes as fast as I could.  He told me, precisely, all the excuses they were saying when we mentioned the nebulizer and oxygen at home.  Then he directed me to this website that tells you exactly what to say back when they tell you no. He mentioned review boards and filing a complaint etc… He told me that the hospitals basically don’t care if they die.  And to be honest I believed him.  The stats are horrific.  The “care” isn’t caring.

The next morning we were prepared for battle.  Feeling completely unqualified to advocate for something we didn’t understand, I had mom call me when the doctor came into the room.  Only this time, it was a new doctor, and he started the call by saying “I’m hoping to discharge your mom today!”  I was like WHAT!!!  The questions, rebuttals, and rebukes were all on the tip of my tongue and I didn’t have to say a word!  You know in the Bible when it says the Lord goes before us?  I never in my life felt that more than in that precise moment.  We were ready to fight and He was like…no, I’ve got this.  Let me show you My Glory!  Let me show you what only I can do!!!

We were witnessing a MIRACLE!  Apparently, the Doctor had come into my mom’s room…took one look at her treatment board, and said angrily... “why do they have your oxygen so high?”  Then he took it off her nose and had her sit there and talk to him.  Watching her levels… it stayed consistent.  He said as long as she could pass her walking test (without oxygen) she would be discharged!! I came and busted her out that DAY!

For the next two days every time she closed her eyes, she started having a conversation.  Not mumbled talking in her sleep, but a conversation with sentences.  It was SO weird.  Apparently, that can be a side effect of too much oxygen. We had a couple of days of wobbly walking, low pulse dips, and disorientation at times. But within a few days of being home, she started waking up.  Her body started responding to our own protocol…  Lots of vitamins, tons of water, a cool-mist vaporizer, healthy meals, Budesonide (I brought mine from home when I was sick) nebulizer treatments, Dexamethasone steroids for her lungs, antibiotics (doxycycline and cephalexin for her blood infection), and lots of walks!!  Whether she wanted to get up or not, we got her moving.  I also had her lean forward, like she was picking something up off the floor, and I cupped (gently patted) her back.  This would make her cough stuff up!  

If you need an online consultation for meds this website will give you a consult for $73.  You put in your weight for the correct dosage.  It gets shipped right to your door.

My mom is 79 – overweight, diabetic, has high blood pressure and asthma!  Oh, and the day after she was released from the hospital they called and diagnosed her with sepsis!  A blood bacterial infection…And SHE LIVED!  Despite the scary nature of this illness, if you know what to do… And I believe preparing ahead of time with “what not to do” knowledge, front line doctors, prescriptions that work, known protocols, and LOWER YOUR INFLAMMATION through diet and exercise! The recovery rates are HIGH! It can be scary and some people don't make it, but MOST DO!  

This illness, from the pit of hell, is pure evil.  There’s no doubt about it, but God!  Read Psalms 91 out loud.  Command your angels charge over you.  Plead the blood of JESUS!!!  Get your prayer warriors fighting.  Stand on His promises.  Speak life over yourself and your loved ones.  Don't utter a word that is negative to HEALTH. It’s not easy when you are feeling discouraged.  And believe me, this illness is very mental…the enemy loves to whisper fear… people die from this.  You might never be the same.  You should have gotten the jab etc… But we have the ability to choose our thoughts and take them captive, and that means resisting the temptation to listen to the lies!  I have so much more empathy now after walking through it!  

Anyway, that’s my story (we all have different ones)…  I hope it helps you, whoever you are. I did turn off comments to avoid too much noise.  Feel free to message me if you have any more questions...

Here's my post on the v*x if you want to know where we stand there:)

 Just know you are so so LOVED!!

The protocol my doctor sent me:

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