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Friday, September 25, 2015

Designer cuffs Fall 2015!!!!

Good morning friends!  Bopping in here to tell you all about the new designer cuffs that just went LIVE this morning.  I love, love, LOVE making these!!!  They are each hand-painted, burned and will be handstamped with your special words.  Making them truly one of a kind!

This time I wanted to go with a more graphic, less detailed look.  We've got a bold cross that says "covered" in gold/red and black/white.  There's a striped mountain vista that says His beauty in the picture, but I think I like "inspired" better so that will be different in the listing;)  Sunflowers for fall that say "gifted".  Then we have the popular hearts again with "loved", but this time in teal and plum for the cooler season ahead.

One of my favorite new designer cuffs will be our featured CHARITY of the Month winged "carried" cuff. This opening our focus is Raise for Rowyn

This is a letter I received recently from a sweet customer:

About one year ago I ordered a cuff with the name "Rowyn" on it. I asked for you to pray over the cuff. The name Rowyn belonged to a little 17 month old girl who was accidentally ran over in her driveway by her mother's best friend (9/16/14). Rowyn left the earth immediately. I asked that you would pray for the family to come to know the Lord in their hurt so that they may find healing. Well, almost one year to the day later the mother (Brynn Johnson) and her best friend (Cassie Miller, driver of the car) have come to know the Lord and for the first time in their lives they are proclaiming that they are now doing Kingdom work.

They started a non-profit organization called Raise for Rowyn (check out FB) where they raise money to help pay for funeral expenses for children who have died in accidental deaths. How gut wrenching it must be to do this every week but how amazing that they are doing it in GOD's name!

As of today (nearly one year later) they have financially helped 26 families bury their children (I am crying as I type). To think that one year ago a beautiful angel met her Creator, and in her mother's pain she came to know the Lord and is helping other mother's through the burial process. AMAZING! I had to share this with you. You prayed over that cuff that had the sweet name "Rowyn". Thank you!

Don't you just love when something tragic can turn into something beautiful and worthwhile!! We are so very excited to be partnering with Raise for Rowyn this month, and 10% of every sale will be going to this beautiful cause to help raise money for those who have lost a child AND an extra $10 from every WINGED cuff will be donated as well!!!  Click here to give directly or to learn more information.  *If you want to personalize this cuff more RfR can be burned onto the backside of the cuff as well.  Just leave us a note at checkout.  

Click here for the shop.  
Accepting pre-orders through Oct 2. 
Delivery date 4-6 weeks:) 

Be a blessing.

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Thursday, September 10, 2015

RISE AND SHINE...the extended FGP open!!!

Hi friends!  Can you believe Summer is over?  I'm a smidgen sad, but at the same time glad.  It's time for some change!  In all things there are seasons and that goes right along with this little business of mine as well.  We've been running on fumes for awhile now.  

The occasional, very short opens started out as a great idea for me to balance life and work.  I believe it was a God inspired, "DO THIS right now", kinda thing.  It really helped grow the shop.  There's something about knowing you only have a limited time to buy that creates a frenzy, and in the world of business FRENZY is good, but it also causes heart palpitations and panic attacks for the people actually fulfilling allthoseorders!  It's a mixed blessing, and now it's time to try out something else.  

We are officially announcing that this next open will not be for just 5 days.  We are going to try staying open for SEVEN WEEKS!  I know!  Crazytown!!  It will hopefully make shopping less stressful for you and help us pace ourselves a little bit more.  This is all trial and error, as is everything I ever do...  But it's worth a shot:)

We've streamlined things in the shop as well, adding a simple listing, that combines all our basic leathers together.  Every week we will add in new arrivals.  Also keep your eyes peeled for ornaments and designer cuffs in the weeks to come.  Including a special cuff designed to help promote our FGP gives back campaign a little more.

We've also added pre-stamped blanks, so for those of you who struggle with word ideas we will have some wonderful easy options available making check out easier and faster! 

There's a new wordy listing...for those of you with a lot to say.  
And we are now offering affiliate positions for those tried and true loyal customers who are FGP Fangirls.  You know who you are!  See newsletter for more information.

If you want to keep up to date on all the changes, coupon codes etc...sign up for our newsletter at the top of this page, under sign up.  Thank you as always for supporting this handmade shop.  We work hard to use our gifts and talents to make something meaningful for you.  

The shop will open 
Monday, Sept 14th at 8:00 am EST 
and will close Monday, Nov 2nd at 5 pm EST :)

And if you would please pray for us in this new season.  
Change is good, but it's also hard.  
When the shop is open we always find ourselves under somewhat of an attack from the enemy.  
This is not just a little hobby...this is Kingdom work and the enemy is not a fan.  
Please pray for our hands and minds as we handstamp these orders.  
Please pray for the customers that are buying these cuffs and giving them as gifts, 
that they will be a blessing and a witness.  
Please pray for health and harmony in our shop as every team member is vital.  
Thank you SO MUCH!  
Love you friends.

Be a blessing,

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