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Thursday, November 19, 2015

she was an artist and her life was her canvas

For those of you that have followed along and watched things unfold over the last few know I didn't set out to have a full time business.  I started painting and dabbling in cuff making a few years ago as a hobby. Since then a complete whirlwind has happened, and this once little side thing is MORE than a full time thing.  There's a lot of guilt that comes from being busy.  Too busy.  

There's a lot of shuffling of priorities.  There are weeks without real dinners and weeks without working out.  There are weeks where I don't leave my house, and when walking to the mailbox feels like a glorious fieldtrip.  And in all that time there are weeks filled with birthday's, homecomings and exciting new mommy/daughter talks about firsts.  There's the changing of seasons, a husband that needs attention, there are deadlines, people to manage, and orders to fill. It's a lot, and it's more than I ever bargained for.  It truly is, and yet God knew.  He knew this was my destiny.  This was the path.  And He's made it clear that every step of the way He will bridge any gaps.  He provides the need...before I fall flat.  

My little chick turned 12!

My big chick went to homecoming with a BOY:0!!  

Years ago I went to a flea market show and saw this pendant at a crafter's booth. It immediately made me well up. I was in the throes of young motherhood. Life was a mix of mundane and routine. I had so many things brewing in my spirit, things I wanted to do...hoped would happen, but I was in a quiet season. These words, she was an artist and her life was her canvas, made it beautifully clear. I didn't have to be "creating" something every day to be an artist. God had given me the purest form of self expression through my daily in the ordinary. 

Even now in the season of hustle, we are all growing and stretching together, and I still feel like I was made for more...that something else is coming.  That this is another holding pattern and He will bring me to that next place when the time is right.  It's a beautiful thing to just know that He's got you...and in the middle you have to remember to "paint"...and splash color and be the "artist" of your life.  Because those strokes of love, grace, mercy and JOY are the real masterpiece.

Be a blessing,

just because flowers
living through the first behind the wheel with my oldest
a teenager with a burden for the lost
my youngest who is becoming a young woman
parents who are still alive
a thriving business that i know is from Him
a day to paint
a day to blog
that my big girl camera still works
grace upon grace
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