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Friday, August 30, 2013

heavy lifting

Oh hey there friends.  Quick update on my honey.  In my last post I mentioned that he needed hernia surgery.  Well we jumped on that the first chance we got.  As of right now he's three days in.  He's moving very slow.  Still struggling with the pain a bit, but the hard part is over and we are believing for a complete and total recovery.

Here's the back story.  He comes in to take a shower after going to the gym and mowing grass and notices a bulge.  YIKES!  He calls me over.  I'm like dude...I have no idea what that is.  We need to head on over to the ER or something like right now. 

Then it hits me...hernia.  That has to be it.  He immediately gets light headed.  Has to bend over in the shower not to pass out.  And all of a sudden it hurts.  Tell me there isn't a mind/body connection.  Poor thing:/ 

Now for the average joe a hernia can be a very common no drama thing to get.  Some people even live with theirs for years or do nothing.  That was never an was a must.  Just in case you don't know this about him he is a workout machine.  It's THE thing that makes him tick.  THE thing that brings him joy, relieves his stress...makes him a happy tolerable person:)  He had to get back to it asap.

The girls and I just knew.  We looked at each other and the realization set in that this was gonna be HARD, not just for him, but HARD on us.  So for a week before the surgery we heard the word hernia about a thousand times a day.  It was like he was in denial and the hernia had ruined his life.  We needed symbols to mark time...BH or AH. 

He compared it to me not being able to take pictures or create.  Whoa when you put it like that I completely get it.  I'd feel like my arms were missing.  It's amazing how certain things become a part of us.  It's like breathing...and that's what lifting weights and working out is to him...air.

There's a sense of loss.  And I'm not just talking about this set back.  It's just one of many we've felt over the last several months.  I know the day is coming when what was removed will be restored.  When what doesn't make sense will come into focus.  But right now we are just leaving all the heavy lifting up to Someone else.  We're taking that mandatory rest.  And as painful as that is, and as wrong as it feels to do nothing...sometimes you just have to leave it alone and heal.

Be a blessing.


adding words to some of my
getting ready for school...the girls are excited
getting the shop ready
joannie's bday today...HAPPY BDAY FRIEND!!!
lunch with lenina
mandatory rests
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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

silent night...all is calm all is bright:)


Hello sweet friends... 

No your eyes are not deceiving you.  I have Christmas lights up in August!!! 

My talented friend Tara is promoting her sign shop for Christmas and asked a few us to show them off in our houses.  I'm a huge Between You and Me fan.  Remember my porch sign?!! Anyhoo I've been following along with the linky party and her signs really make any space look incredible.

Silent night is one of my very favorite Christmas songs.  It seriously evokes a sense of peace immediately doesn't it!?  I may just leave it up year round.  That's okay right?  There are no rules in decorating in my book...just live with what you love period.

It makes sense to go ahead and show you the rest of the room.  We recently painted in there.  I had tan walls.  I think it was called Richmond Tan.  Hmmmm wonder why I painted it that?;)  Anyway good old black chalkboard paint was calling me...more like YELLING for me to repaint!! The other walls were repainted Navajo White and even though they still look tan in the pic they are a creamy white. 
The polka dot rug came from IKEA for $20.  YES people 20 DOLLARS!!!  Goodness I love me some IKEA!!!
Now to do something with that area in the corner above the board games.  My friend Tamara suggested empty painted frames to keep score tallies in.  Kinda love that idea.

But I'm also toying with the idea of doing an art chalk design.  You see them everywhere.  I'd love to get brave and see if I could do it.  I found this awesome video on Pinterest.  Isn't this artist amazing?

So addition to painting (my honey actually painted...God bless him!!!) I made curtains...WITH RUFFLES!! Uh not sure what made me so ambitious, but I did it and they make me literally giggle with joy when I look at them! 
I actually broke my machine making these cute curtains, but it was worth it and FYI buying a new sewing machine is actually cheaper than getting your old one fixed.  What a ripoff that is!  I'm probably going to end up with a dozen broken machines over the course of my life;)  Cause you know this Farmgirl is gonna do that's just inevitable!

So there you have it.  Christmas in August:)) 

Go check out the other amazing signs Tara has out there, and if you buy by Nov. 15th it will be 10% off if you use the code FARMGIRL10.  Yippeeeeeeee!!!!!



Be a blessing!

changing things up

chalkboard paint
a new sewing machine
decorating with what we love
thinking about Christmas...EEEEK!
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Thursday, August 22, 2013

through my foggy lens


Most people like to settle in and be at home for the summer.  I get that.  But there's some magnetic pull in me that just wants to GO!!!  I love to see new places. What's more exciting than jumping in the car and driving for hours;)  Soaking in the completely new and unfamiliar.

It feels like we've been gone more this summer than we've been home.   And honestly it's made the summer go really fast.  I wish I could push pause and squeeze in at least two more weeks before the girls go back to school.  Is that too much to ask;)??

We all have various opinions of summer ending.  Read Jen Hatmaker's take here.  She wrote a very funny post about being REALLY ready for her kids to be back in school.  I get her point.  I totally do.  She has five kids!!!  But I'm kind of on the opposite spectrum...I honestly dread the girls being gone all day.  It may be because they keep me company.  I get lonely sometimes working from home and they make my days brighter.  They also play really good together and disappear for hours at a time to play Barbie or do art stuff.  I can have them home and yet still have my space.  It's a good balance.  I'm going to miss them.

So back to traveling...our last trip was to Hilton Head, South Carolina.  We'd never been before and I have to say we feel in love with that area.  The beaches were perfect.  Imagine the softest powdery sand between your toes.  Gentle almost ladylike warm waves.  It was a great idea to go there.  And a perfect opportunity to see Honey's mom and step dad.  They live in Florida and met us half way;)  Genius! 

The girls gave us sand massages on the beach.   

There were several games of Battleship:) 

We discovered the AMAZING Salty Dog CafĂ©.  Thank you IG peeps!!
I got the scallops.  Beyond good.  I think I moaned repeatedly:)

And then there was rain:) To say it's been a wet summer would be an understatement.  It has rained almost every single day...Hilton Head was no exception.  But it worked out.  We got our beach time in.  We were able to do everything we wanted.  And little chick threw in umbrellas at the last minute.  Smart girlie;) 

Some much needed cuddles with Grandma Minnie. 

We curled up one night and caught The Time Traveler's Wife.  Have you ever seen that?  I love Rachel McAdams, so that hooked me at first.  It's about a man who has a genetic disorder that makes it impossible for him to stay in one place in time for every long.  He "disappears" all throughout the movie traveling back and forth in time back to when he met his wife when she was a little girl.  It's all sorts of strange and corny, but it was surprisingly entertaining.

Sometimes I wish I had that transcend time and revisit my past for a few minutes and then jump ahead and see what the future holds.


 Of course God has a plan for my future and if I knew every little thing I wouldn't need to trust Him would I?  So I guess I'll just settle for embracing the present and bask in the comforting knowledge that He holds my future.  I'm His girl.  It has to be good right?!  What daddy wouldn't want the very best for his girl:)

**Oh and pretty please pray for my honey...we just discovered that he has a hernia and will need surgery soon.  Thank you:)

Be a blessing.

shared memories with loved ones
scallops with melted butter
my own bed
a Daddy that holds my future
sand between my toes
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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

where i am

Summer is basically leaving me breathless. I have about a dozen different posts I can write.  Things I really should talk about one by one, but I feel like a giant stop watch is counting down the days, hours, minutes, and seconds until it all slips away and routine begins again.  And with the inevitable routine comes schedules, mounds of school forms and homework, and to be honest it makes me a little sad.  I'm not quite ready for my girls to go back.  I love having them home.  I love exploring and go, go, going. 

Speaking of going, my friend Brandee has been pleading with me to go to the lake with her forever!  Well not forever, but for the last two years;)  I've been patient with her...explained that I'm not a lake girl.  I prefer soft sand and waves, maybe a palm tree or two.  Murky water that I can't see into doesn't appeal, but I finally gave in and I'm so glad I did.  We made the trek to Holiday Lake one day and she really did show me her happy place.  Thank you friend.

It was clean and peaceful.  It relaxed me, even with her big brood and my little one.  The kids splashed about, with Brandee eagle eyeing hers relentlessly.  It reminded me of those early years when the girls were teeny and I couldn't let my breath out for second.  And honestly it made me appreciate the season I'm in.  We all get a little melty around newborns, but it's a lot of work!  A lot!  I guess I'm just in that grateful I did it and now I'm done stage.  Just saying...

So that felt like a big giant bucket list checked off...LAKE DAY WITH BRANDEE...CHECK!  Good times:) 

Fast forward to tonight and an amazing mountain top concert. When I paint I almost always put on Kari Jobe.  Her music is anointed.  There's just no other way for me to describe it.  No matter how many times I hear the same song over and over again I get goosebumps and cry. So yeah seeing her in person tonight was magical.

Hands raised.  Her little form dancing all over the stage...completely free in worship.  It's how I want to live!  Where the spirit is there is freedom.  FREEDOM!  Jumping up and down.  Twirling. love with my Savior.  It was beautiful. 

And His name is powerful! 

She sang all my favorites...Healer, Revelation, and that awesome David Crowder Band song...Oh How He loves us.  I thought my heart would explode.  It was heaven come down. 

This week has been hard on some personal levels.  There are a lot of question marks floating around.  Some of my close peeps are hurting.  The icky part of life is happening, and I've had a few days of why God why?!   And He reminded me tonight that in those hard places He sees us through with lovingkindness.  I don't have to understand it.  I don't have to be okay with it, but His hand is holding mine and theirs. Our story is being shaped and our lives are being cared for...even in the hard.  And through it all faith is being built.  It's when our focus is fuzzy that we have to completely lean...completely rely. And that's where I am. 

Heading to the real beach for a few days with my peeps;)
  Follow along if you want on Instagram...farmgirlpaints.

Be a blessing.

no more braces for big chick...pic to come
road tripping
lake day with Brandee
Kari Jobe

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