Wednesday, September 12, 2012

porch fluffing

There's been a morning chill in the air.  The humidity has dropped and it makes me want to sing like Julie Andrews in the opening act of The Sound of Music.  My arms are outstretched and I'm twirling...  Can you visualize it??  Ha! 

Anyhoo all this glorious weather has me wanting to fluff my nest a bit.  Strange I know since that's usually a spring thing, but I blame my mother.  She was the master fluffer.  Every season without fail she'd make a grand effort to go up into the extremely cluttered, extremely old dusty attic and bring down the mountains of "stuff".  That woman had seasonal stuff!  Lots and lots of it.  And I have to admit I've taken after her a bit.  I'm not quite ready to move fall into the house yet, but the porch??...yes and AMEN!

So when I received my BEA-U-ti-FUL sign this week from Tara at Between You and Me I knew the time had come. It was time to fluff the porch. I've been eyeballing these gorgeous signs forever. I've been hesitant to buy one though, because I seriously don't have one square inch of wall space left!  What can I say I like to decorate;) AND I love words!!! Like really really love words. So when the inspiration hit me to make a sign for the PORCH I was all over it.

I sent her my words and her sweet honey mapped it all out and sent me a rough draft. He was just a doll to work with. Then the GIGANTIC box came and it was all I could do not to squeal! It was a little bit of sweet Tara in a box. I was excited people! It was more than I could've hoped for. This may sound corny, but you remember the words from Jerry Maquire?? You complete me gorgeous sign. Where have you been??  You must check out her shop.  You will drool.  And she's offering a generous $15 off for the month of September!!!  If you find something just use FARMGIRL for the discount code.

Look at that floor.  Have you ever seen a cleaner porch?  Ha!  Seriously the best thing about blogging is that it motivates you.  I haven't swept off my front porch all summer.  It was TIME! 

To complete my fall porch transformation I just added some fun pillows I found in the basement.  Threw a cozy blanket over the back of the swing and added a fake pumpkin.  I really wanted to wow you with tons of real ones, but I haven't seen any yet, and the big giant mums haven't bloomed.  So I have to be patient a little longer;) 

Another thing I'm in love with is my vinyl cling I ordered on Etsy. I'm not linking to her because she's closed her shop down, and I don't want you to be disappointed. But seriously have you ever seen anything cuter?? Holy cow it screams BECKY! 

So hello my sweet friends...step on up to my sweet haven of a porch and sit a spell. I'll bring you some cider and we can chat it up;) 

On a side note, Honey and I layed in bed last night and rewatched 9/11 on the History channel.  We both held our breath waiting for the second plane to hit...knowing both buildings would fall.  It was numbing/sickening to relive that horrible day and to imagine the terror those people felt.  Sobering doesn't even sum it up.  As depressing as it was to watch...we just couldn't turn the channel. 
I talked it over with Big Chick at breakfast this morning, and as she walked out the door for school she hugged me once and then turned back around and gave me another squeeze. I'm so glad that over time life moves on...people heal, cities and streets are cleaned and somewhat returned to normal, but Lord willing, let us not forget that this life is fleeting.  This world is fallen, and our only hope is in Him


Have a blessed day.

768.  the love of decorating
769.  my beautiful red door
770.  the change of seasons
771.  fluffy cotton ball clouds
772.  my new porch SIGN!!!! 
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