Friday, April 29, 2011

the coffee shack fiasco

Okay rule number one when going to Hawaii or anywhere warm and tropical...take the first day and veg.  Go to the pool.  Stay close to home.  Don't no matter how tempted you are get in a car and drive for several hours.

Remember how pmsy I said I was?  Well it was like a bad sort of boomerang effect.  Honey has had a lot on his mind lately, so he's been in a mood.  Kind of quiet.  Kind of touchy. That's not a good combo with my (in a high squeaky voice) we're in Hawaii...let's do everything...why aren't you having fun??  You're bringing me down

Add Hawaiian music...which I adore, but he hates and it's a drive from hell.  I kind of get why he hates it.  It's the exact same music in every single store and!  It's a little much.  But who doesn't love "Over the Rainbow" by IZ?  That song makes me cry when I hear it.  It takes me right to the Jeep with the wind whippin' in my hair...sun warm on my skin.  It's amazing how a song can transport you to a certain place in time.

Speaking of IZ, let's be honest he was a large man.  A little sumo like.  By the end of the week I could completely relate to IZ.  The only thing that I felt comfortable wearing was a large swimsuit cover up and flip flops.  How can underwear be tight??  Seriously...not good.   

Before we left home someone told me about The Coffee Shack in Kona.  It was supposed to be this awesome little hole in the wall kinda place with beautiful tree top views etc...  Sooo worth the drive right?  Maybe, but not on the first day.  It was a nightmare literally.  We got lost in the mountains.  Oh and did I mention we were starving?? 

There were beautiful little interesting spots that I of course wanted to take pictures of but Hon was in such a hurry that the scenery was a blur.  I barked out on more than one occasion to STOP THE CAR!  It's a Hawaiian cemetery.  You know I love cemeteries.  And it's cool is that?  Can I please take a picture??

It's a gorgeous GORGEOUS view and we are in Hawaii for cryin' out loud.  STOP THE CAR.  And someone get out here and take my picture for heaven's sake!!!

There were gorgeous trees.  Flowers literally falling from the sky with an aroma so sweet it was intoxicating.  Can we please STOP THE I can take a picturePretty please:)

Once we finally got there it was a beautiful spot.  Tucked in the trees just like my friend had said.

I was all excited...the Mr. Porky was calling my name.  I LOVE Hawaiian pork.  Had just driven 2 stressful hours for the pork.  It's one of my absolute favorite things about Hawaii.  Then the waitress informs me they had just served their last plate of pork. 


I seriously had to breath in and out for a solid minute.  I was SO on the verge of tears.  I could feel a hissy fit coming on.  That my friends is the struggle I have with hormones.  It makes me completely irrational and about to blow over the itty bittiest things. 

Somehow after we got some food in our bellies the stress of getting lost, not getting what we wanted and the anger of the day all just seemed to melt away.  Thank God I'm married to my best friend.  The one who knows the good, bad and ugly and still manages to love me anyway.  Marriage isn't always sunshine and rainbows...even in Hawaii.  Thank God we still had 7 days to learn to let go and not stress over all the little things.


Have a blessed day.

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