Tuesday, April 12, 2011

the maze

When I was a little girl I was completely in love with hospitals.  Weird huh?  I loved the way they smelled and how important they were.  I was in awe of the people who worked in them.  I couldn't wait until I turned 12, so I could become a candystriper.  It was my dream.  I loved putting on my little uniform.  I felt so important changing the water pitchers, making the beds and transferring patients to x-ray.  It was awesome. 

When I got in high school I started observing Occupational Therapist's and quickly decided that that's what I wanted to do with my life.  It was just the perfect health profession job for me.  No clean up or blood...hopefully.  Regular daytime hours.  Great pay.  I was sold.  I knew what I wanted.

Honey and I both went to junior college taking many of the same classes together.  About a year in we decided to get married and the rest is history.  I worked while he went to school and when he graduated I tried and tried to get into a local Occupational Therapy Assistant program.  Because I was out of the district my name was way down the list.  I tried for three years.  THREE YEARS people!  And then finally I decided to take things in my own hands.  I lied on my application form giving them a friend's address who happened to live close to the school.  I even went as far as changing my driver's license address just in case.  I was desperate.  I wanted in soooo badly. 

Not long after I mailed in the form the Holy Spirit started to convict me something awful.  The guilt of lying was just unbearable.  I couldn't get in that way and live with myself.  SO I mailed another letter, this time admitting what I had done and apologizing.  I wish I had that letter.  I wish I could see what I wrote and maybe frame it for an example of what not to do. 

Anyway that letter got me in.  My teacher was so intrigued by this strange girl and her convictions that she just had to meet me, and I was allowed an interview and then finally a position in the program!  The funny thing is I've never used my degree, but my interest in creating emerged from the projects my teacher had us work on.

There are so many more of these kinds of stories from my life.  Times where I got tired of waiting.  Times where I wanted to be in control.  Times where I screwed up and He gave me an out.  Saved me from myself.  My life...our life together has been one big example of God's hand gently moving us.  I can almost see us in a maze, blindfolded, not knowing which way to go and His hand takes us and gently moves us along the path.  He does that.  He gets us to the finish line.  It may seem like the long way around.  It may not make a bit of sense, but the lessons learned and the journey itself was worth it all at the end.  Can't wait to see what may be around the next bend.

Have a blessed day.

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