Sunday, April 17, 2011

water that seed

My chicks are notorious for "reminding" me of things.  If there is something they want to do or don't want me to forget they will constantly out of the blue blurt it out.  We could be watching tv and it will just pop out.  If we are in line at the grocery store there it is etc...  When a little seed is planted it stays and roots in and well...they won't let me forget about it:) 

For Big Chick this little seedling started shortly after she started playing the trumpet.  Remember that post?? Well she's done so well.  She actually practices on her own...without me nagging her.  She's in the highest group of trumpet players.  I'm very proud of her.  But despite her talent with that horn she has another that just won't die.  Every day for months and months she has talked about the violin.  I have no idea where this desire came from exactly, but she wants nothing more than to play that instrument.

This violin was my Grandpa's.  It was his instrument of choice also.  When we went back to mom and dad's recently she got to play around with it a little.  Just enough to really get excited.  Now it seems we see violins everywhere.  Any time you turn on the tv there is a violinist.  Who knew?  Apparently it's the trend.  You can play rock, country...just about anything with that instrument.

I'm excited for her.  We are putting the trumpet aside and letting that little seed grow.  Not sure if it will take.  Not sure if her interest will stick.  But she will get the chance to try out that dream.  I have a feeling it's going to be great.  It has to be...her heart is so full and for it I just believe she will succeed.  Is there a dream that you have?  If the desire just won't fade maybe you should go for it and see what happens.  Maybe it's time to water that seed.

Have a blessed day.

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