Monday, September 23, 2013

get your LMM happy on:)

Good's Monday.  Yep I actually know what day it is.  I realized after the fact that I said the wrong day on my last post.  Not surprising.  Last week felt really long.  And now with my honey home allthetime...I never know what day it is:)

It's a good day though because I finally played around with some recent HaPPy MaIL!!!  When my Sasha girl said she had been busy painting she wasn't lying.  I about died when I saw all the goodies she'd been working on...and well I bought almost everything in her shop:) They were all so happy and colorful.  And y'all know I love happy and colorful:))  I have no idea where I'm going to put them all, but that's a good problem to have.

She doesn't just paint pretty she makes these towels too.  I have no idea how she does it, but she does it well.  I have the ball jar one too.  If you don't know what that one is run over right now and see if she has any.  For the longest time I never used it because it was just too nice.  I finally stopped that nonsense.  Anyway love my new cow...even if it's all ready for the butcher shop:)

Okay so this is beside the point, but I'm wanting to paint my kitchen a light bright color.  Maybe white...maybe a gray.  I've never done that before.  Would love any tips on how you might have done it??  Also the countertops scare me.  There is no room in the budget to change them out, but I'm afraid they will look odd with white cabinets.  My dream would be to change out the tan backsplash and put in a white subway tile with darker gray grout.  EEEEEEK! 

Can you see it??  I CAN!!!  Our kitchen is pretty dark.  I just want to brighten it up. 

So I started getting out a few fall things.  The air is turning a bit.  Have you started??  I of course had to put out the pumpkin Sasha print.  LOVE!!!  And my truck...hello!!!! 

I just love this little entry table.  So happy and now festive:) 

I also added a few little things to my mantle.  I love red, so that wasn't a stretch, and the sunflowers just scream fall to me for some reason.  I came back from my time with Megan this summer wanting to get as many thermos' that I could find.  She has a really cool collection on top of her kitchen cupboards.  Just looks so campy and homey:)

Okay friends  Sasha's shop is OPEN!!!!  I stole these pics from her blog....that way you can see them all displayed.  She's got a coupon code for my readers - becky10 for 10% off.  Don't wait too long it expires October 1st:)  Go get your happy on!!

Speaking of happy.  This video is hilarious.  A reader sent it to me because I like foxes.  If you watch it expect to be singing this catchy song all day;)  Thanks Susan!

Be a blessing.

Panera shortbread cookies...

a text I sent Tamara about Kari Jobe liking Nora's cuff!!!  EEEEEEK:)))

finally getting my art scanned...ready for the next step!

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