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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Alicia's spring chick virtual baby shower!!!

Good morning friends.  You remember my friend Alicia right?  The one we went to the Outer Banks with last summer?  The one "family" friend we have Thanksgiving with??  Well she's pregnant with her fourth.  Remember this post?  We captured them telling the was awesome.

My girl lives in Asheville away from all her friends and family, so we (me and a bunch of her blogging friends) decided to throw her a VIRTUAL BABY SHOWER!  WHAT??  WOOT WOOT!!!!!  My girl needs some stuff.  Baby chick four can't feel left out.  They had donated most of their baby stuff thinking they were probably done and then decided four felt right:)  So we are replenishing the stock!

Now my friend Alicia can throw a mean party...take a look HERE!  This girl is good.  So it's kind of a relief my shower can be virtual or there would be some major pressure.  Major!

She loves vintage.  Loves the look of anything old school.  SO if I were planning a shower it would have some old chippy white dressers and lots of creams and yellows.  It would have to have that table skirt for sure.  She made me one almost just like it, so I know it looks JUST LIKE HER!

I'd drum up some baby pics of her and Jarrod.  Maybe grandparents too.  I'd have her mom send me toys or momentos from her childhood.  We'd do it up.  I'd try really hard to make her cry.  She's not quite the emotional basket case I am, so it would be a challenge;)

We probably wouldn't play games.  I'm not a fan of baby shower games and since this is my party we'd skip that;) We would however take lots of pictures...'cause that's what we do.  I'd set up a photo booth with some wacky outfits or something and we'd make her try them all on!!!  Ahhhh and maybe we would do a paint project.  ONE giant participant crafty project that she could use later to decorate the baby's room.  Wouldn't that be fun?!

Source: Betty Crocker, Fav Pop, The girl who ate everything

And you know there'd be cake...preferably cupcakes:)  And to go along with her vintage theme we would probably need some sort of white cupcake or something colorless...NOT!  Oh no, not at my shower... ahem I mean Alicia's shower;)  I prefer the ones on the left of course.  How stinking adorable are those!?!  Oh my word.  But really they are all adorable!!!  

And of course there would be gifts.  This part kinda killed me cause I'm a need to know kind of girl.  I NEEEEEEEEED to KNOW THE SEX OF THE BABY!!!!!!  But I don't and I'm really upset alright with it;)  So I got them a cute little assortment of gifts.  If you would like to bless their family as's a link to her Target registry.

First of all I stalked her on Pinterest and found this amazing little lamb print here.  He/she had to have some new smelly goodness and a cute new bib...oh and a soft cuddly take along toy, and one of our favorite books of all time...Time for Bed.  I used to read that to the girls every night before bed.  Love that book!  That's a start.  I'll have to spoil him or her with an outfit or something gender related later I guess;)  

 photo aliciasbloggybutton_zpsebb4789f.jpg

If you know Alicia and want to throw her a shower too jump on board...grab the button and link up.  There's a big giant lovefest going on at Amy's, Amy's, Amy's, Mary's, Suzanne's, Sasha's and Carissa's.

***Oh and a shower wouldn't be a shower at all without a door leave me a comment with a helpful tip you couldn't live without...words of wisdom...or if you don't have any tips maybe some fun baby names:))  The winner will receive a personalized family cuff!!

Be a blessing.

All shower ideas...except the cupcakes came from this awesome magazine Mingle!

992.  my yellow piano
993.  the girls giggling in the backyard right now
994.  sun streaming in
995.  blessing my friend
996.  a community that raises each other high
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