Tuesday, December 24, 2013

this is how we worship

Merry Christmas Eve sweet friends.  We are getting ready to head out the door for our Christmas Eve service, but before we go here's our card for this year:)  I was really slow in getting them made (thank you PicMonkey and Walgreens) and almost didn't this year.  But alas...the San Francisco trip turned out to make a great treasured memory.  Walking that bridge was such a bucket list thing for me and sharing it with my favorite people made it so special.

Okay so side note...Sunday morning when we turned to leave our seats after church a sweet gal sitting behind me grabbed my hands and said loudly over the music...

"I just love watching your family praise.  I have three little ones and I hope they turn out just like your girls."  

I thought about those words the rest of the day with a smile in my heart:)
More than anything else I want my life to be used.  
What better example can I be for my girls than to teach them about Jesus?  To share with them His word, His truth, and watch that relationship become real and vital in their lives!  What greater audience and platform for ministry do we have than our own family?  It starts at home.

Standing next to them in church my heart swells.  Their hands are raised high.  Their eyes are closed...their mouths are open in worship.  It's real!  They love HIM.  It brings me to my knees in gratitude.  Sometimes I feel like I can hardly contain myself.  This is what it's about!!!

Thank you Lord!!!  Thank YOU!!!  You so deserve our worship and praise.  Thank you for coming to us in human form.  For giving your life as a living sacrifice.  Thank you that you remind us that greatness isn't wrapped in luxury and materialism.  It walks humbly and in love.  It covers our ugliness and sets us free.  We love you.  We worship you.  Oh how we need a savior!  We sit at your feet in adoration.

Please take a minute and listen to this song.  My friend Lissa sent it to me, and every time I hear it I break down, completely overwhelmed by His presence.  It's anointed!

  May we worship Him fully today and every day.  

Love you girls.
Taking a week off to visit family.
See you next year!

Be a blessing.

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