Monday, December 23, 2013

so I painted my sofa...

Hey girls... I know it's a weird time to do a tutorial, but this girl has some projects to knock out before next year, so I just jumped in on this one.

BTW the studio is pretty much ALL DONE!  Yep you heard me!!!!  I'll show pics soon:)

I posted on Instagram I was going to paint our nasty cream colored couch and alot of you had questions.  Originally I was going to spray paint it with fabric spray paint.  Yes there is such a thing!!  Amazing I know:)  But the color selection was limited, so I was at Joann Fabrics the other day and Tamara said she'd read that you can mix up your own and paint it on with a paint brush.  Five seconds later she had sent me those links.  That's my girl.  So resourceful and pretty...I think I'll keep her;)

Proof it was gross;)

Here is the link I used for step by step instructions.  I'll tell you what I did too:)

Vacuum off the dust and lint.

Put down tarp...very messy.

Mix one part interior latex paint (I used maybe 1/2 a quart total) and one part fabric medium (I purchased five 6 ounce bottles at Joann Fabric to cover the sofa) should be very thin and go on like a glaze.  This is your base or primer step.  I used a plastic cup to mix it and paint from.

Use a spray bottle and dampen the fabric with water before you paint!

I applied two coats, letting dry between coats:)

Next step...mix one part acrylic paint (I used maybe 2 1/2 big bottles) and one part fabric medium and paint on your color.  I think it's wise to stay close to the original color.  It would be a nightmare to try to go from white to black or pink to blue.  Just sayin' save yourself some grief;)  And a patterned sofa or chair would be tricky to cover as well.

only applied one final coat.  The tutorial says to sand between coats.  I didn't.  The fabric is a little stiffer than it was before.  But I really don't care.  It just needed it cleaned up and brighter.   

The footrest will probably get a make-over later.  For now it's just a vintage curtain with the ends tied up with rubber bands.  I'm so fancy!!;)

I didn't paint the cushions, because I love the mix matchy look of different fabrics.  The bottom cushion is just a duvet cover from Ikea tucked in with a vintage afghan thrown on top.  I have a thing for afghans:)  I added casters, so I could move it anywhere I want in my studio and voila!!!

*I can tell from this pic I didn't go all the way underneath the sofa with my paint. Crud.  It's not noticable unless you're on the floor snapping whatevs;)

I'm in love.  It really looks a million times better than before.  So there you have it.
Go paint a sofa!

Be a blessing.

fabric medium
projects getting DONE finally
really warm weather that allows me to spray paint outside;)
color COLOR color!!!
Christmas break:))
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