Monday, November 11, 2013

November shop is LIVE!!!

I have that famous Christmas poem going through my mind except mine goes something like this... 
Twas the night before our Opening, and all through the house...
not a hammer was pounding not even mallet (doesn't rhyme).
The cuffs were hanging on their trees with much care...
in hopes that all of you would soon be right there;) 
I in my nightie all snuggled in bed,
images of leather twirling through my head...
Excitement was brewing. 
The anticipation was great.
No sleep would be had...
unfortunately it would have to wait;)

I'm a dork...what can I say?!  Maybe I should stick with cuff making;)
We've been working SO hard to get ready for this day.  Months of gathering leather, cutting, punching, hammering, snapping and unsnapping, photographing, editing, listing etc...  But alas we are ready!!!!  And I feel like a kid the night before Christmas morning.  I'm super excited this time.  Like READY!!!!  I've got help. We've got a system:)

Some last few shots of the shop.  This is hopefully our last opening in this room.  As I type this hammers are nailing in drywall to finish up a bedroom and bathroom in our basement.  The girls playroom will become our new FGP headquarters and the bedroom will be my art space EEEEEEEK!!!!  It really needed to be done.  With honey working from home our current situation wasn't working out so well.  We'll be WAY down in the basement.  Hopefully no hammers will be heard;)
My lifesavers;)
Tamara, Adele and Deanna

The shop IS OFFICIALLY through November 20th!!!!  ***Please note this is the last opening until February 1st!  Hopefully we've got what you need...BUT if we sell out or you are looking for something specific please ask.  We've got buckets of leather we can maybe whip something up for you special.  We're nice like that;) 

Also please read through the listings.  We've tried to thoroughly explain the whole process from beginning to end including our shipping policies etc...  If you read it most of your questions will be answered:)

Oh and we're going to start a fun new thing on the first day of every opening to help spread the word that the shop is open and give word ideas.   If you've bought a cuff in the past we would love to see you wearing your cuff... a little cuff selfie:)  YOUR FACE and cuff in one pic!

EEEEEK!!  Here are a few from last night.  Love LOVED seeing your faces:))  Please tag #farmgirlpaintsetsy on IG (public users only) or blog about it, let me know, and you'll be entered to win a free cuff.  I'll announce the winner Monday evening around 5pm EST.  Thank you girlies:))

PSSSSSS...Don't forget to check out
this month's awesome shop sponsors for your
coupon codes!!!

 Casey @ Casey Leigh
Susan @ Charming Lucy
Shannan @ Flower Patch Farmgirl
Kristi @ barnowlprimitives on IG
Nick @ nickholden on IG


Be a blessing.

November 11th is finally here:)
sweet sweet helpers!
lots of amazing belts
the ability to work from home and create meaningful things
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