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Monday, October 8, 2012

the big announcement

I told you I was done with the Outer Banks pics...but I fudged a bit.  There was one night I was waiting to share with you.  One very special night where our dear friends decided to break the news to their kiddos that they were expecting their fourth.  This is how it went it down...FYI we already knew and had told our kids;)  

This is about the time that I was thinking...maybe we shouldn't be here. 
He's in complete denial;)

Uh...can we go through the back door??  Maybe we can sneak out and they won't notice...HA!

Ahhhh sweet innocent Sophia...

Seriously the whole thing was such a sweet memory to take part in.  The kids were in shock...but quickly warmed up to the idea.
When it comes to baby stuff I was really private. Hard to imagine me private, but I was.  I didn't even have my family at the hospital when we gave birth to our girls, so for the Hutchinson's to include us in this beautiful family was an amazing honor!  We are so beyond excited for them and the wee one on the way:)) 

**BTW thank you to everyone who shared your history with food/diet on the last post. My heart aches for those of you who have struggled...and those of you who continue to battle with food issues.  It's a touchy, hard topic and I'm so grateful we have people who can help and a God who can heal!  The winner is WHITE WHISPERS 2U.

Have a blessed day.

796.  a cozy rainy day where i can pull on my hunter boots and my scary scarf;)
797.  a house full of family
798.  a community of women who love and build one another up
799.  friends who want us to be a part of important family memories
800.  the guest speaker at our church who shared truth and didn't tickle ears  

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