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Thursday, August 16, 2012

do the work

I'm not a morning person.  I stay up way too late watching House Hunters and before you know it's after 11:00 and well you get the picture.  Summer is wonderful because I can gently wake with the sun.  I can slowly get out of bed, piddle on my phone for a few minutes checking emails, Instagram and then make some coffee.  I love this selfish little routine I've got going on.  It feels kind to my body.  I'm rested.  I've got all my needs met.  Well almost all...

I've heard a little voice in my spirit man as of late telling me it's time to start getting uncomfortable.  It's time to stretch and do some things that may not be in my nature.  It's time to disciple.  It's scary even saying that out loud.  Disciple.  What in the world?? 

I want to be disciplined.  I've gotten extremely lazy in some areas and I need to get some things done not only in my spiritual walk, but personally.  Being the queen of ADD it's just not going to happen unless I do the work.  Unless I turn off the mindless distractions.

Two things I feel like the Lord has been whispering to me is to carve out some work time.  That means no screen time.  As soon as the girls get back in school I'm going to take two days a week and shut off my computer, ignore my texts, phone etc...and be available.  Be available to listen.  Be available to decompress.  Be available to hear what I'm supposed to be doing with my life.  Just be available.  And hopefully I will not only be available, I'll be productive and do the work;)

I'm also making it a goal to go to bed earlier and get up with the sun.  I need to start my day with Him.  I also need to work my body early, so I don't make excuses.  I need to get that jump start to focus and realign.  It's going to be hard.  This is not who I am

But this is who I'm going to be.  I'm excited for this.  It's going to be good.  You're never to old for change right??

Have a blessed day.

720. for corrective whispers
721. for His glorious sun...that makes my heart swell every.single.time
722.  obedience in my life
723.  change that will make me stronger
724.  a get away with my honey this weekend 

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