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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Thrive Project

Good morning friends.  I've had an epiphany.  So many of you are interested in learning more about your camera and since I'll be posting once a week on what I learn...why don't you join me in the journey??  The only way to learn is to DO right??  Every Tuesday I'll give you an assignment and you can link up with me.  From that week's post I'll pick my two favorite photos and post them on the next week's post.  Then after my class is over I'll pick two of my all-time favorite pics and they will be the winners of one of my cuffs!  Isn't that brilliant??  Seriously I out do myself sometimes...ha!  Anyway please join me.  I can't wait to see what you all come up with.  Let's learn together!!! 

The only rules I have to enter is that you link up with my button somewhere on your linky post and that the pictures in the post represent that week's assignment.  I called it the Thrive Project because photography is just one area I want to thrive in this year.  It's my special word.  Now it's a project.  How cool is that?:)

This week's assignment was to play with shutter speed.  I have to admit I wasn't very inspired.  Shutter speed is just that.  How fast your shutter opens and closes.  The faster it closes the crisper the picture.  The slower it closes the more blurry the photo. 

Why in the world would you want your photo to be blurry you ask??  Well fancy schmancy photographers use shutter speed to make photos more interesting.  For instance you can capture the whizzing by of a car, the motion of a runner...a beautiful stream.  You can also freeze motion.  For instance if you are at a sporting event and want to freeze the running back catching the football, a super fast shutter speed will do that.  It gives movement to photographs (or stops it completely) and really is amazing if you have a good imagination.  I guess I don't...HA!  But I did play with it a bit.

These two picture were set to take really really slow.  Therefore the major blur!  Holy's like she's a ghost.  That's kind of cool actually:)

Here I increased the number a bit, but she's still in motion.  Oh and she's jumping up and down because she's going to the World's biggest indoor water park and she's excited..thus the lack of pants.  I assure you it's a swimsuit with a t-shirt that she's wearing.   For some reason I wasn't able to freeze the picture completely.  Remember I'm an amateur. 

I much prefer a crisp picture.  Isn't she a doll? 

On my camera shutter speed is TV on my dial.  TV stands for time value and when you play with the numbers the aperture sets automatically...whew:)  The higher the number you set it to the more frozen the picture will be.  The numbers are made into fractions.  So if you set your camera to 500, the fraction is 1/500 of a second.  That's super fast right.  No time for a blur.  If you set it to 30, that's 1/30 of a second....much slower and a blur will probably occur.   So that's pretty self explanatory. 

Compliments of Suzanne

Last week in class we took pictures of each other!  Oh NO!!!!!  Seriously I was slightly mortified, because believe it or not I do not like having my picture taken.  I have to be the one to do it.  I'm a control freak in that way for some reason. 

I was the last one.  I sat on the stool and every one pulled out their big fancy cameras and got inches away from my face.  When I'm uncomfortable I laugh and squirm and make horrible faces.  It was bad.  Oh and I was having a bad hair day, so my hair was in pigtails and I had a knit hat on.  UGH! 

Anyway these are just some of the beautiful people in my class. Everyone else seemed completely at ease having their picture taken.

Oh and Suzanne is like a super model.  She will tell you otherwise, but this girl knows how to strike a pose.  We are the "goof offs" in class.  I haven't had this much fun in a very very long time.  It's so good to laugh and be distracted from winter.

Okay so now it's your turn.  You can show me shutter speed or aperture if you want since I'm a week behind.  I will pick my two fav's and post them next week.  Hope you have some better examples than mine;)

Have a blessed day.

**Oh and this is the first time I've done the "linky" thing.  Let me know if you have any problems.**  It will stay open for 1 week.  So you have plenty of time.  And even if you don't have a dslr camera you can still play with shutter speed.  My point and shoot had those same settings...I don't care if it's in the auto mode (I think it shows a guy running).  It's all about learning...beginners welcome!! 

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