Thursday, December 30, 2010

dirt pie

Yesterday we all woke up a little grumpy.  Too many days of being lazy and self indulgent.  The nasty word "bored" showed up and feelings of discontent was seeping in.  I strongly dislike the word bored!  Have I ever mentioned that?  And discontentment is the root of evil in my mind.  But so it goes.

So we loaded up and went to town.  We sat in a very crowded food court, in our very plush fancy mall, surrounded by a whole lot of grumpy post-holiday shoppers.  You know the drill.  The hardest decision we had to make was which fast food choice we all wanted.

Fast forward to later in the day when we made our way to church.  They had set up a food packaging thing in the middle of our sanctuary.  The organization was called Kids Against Hunger.  They showed us a video of the conditions in Haiti...of children urinating in the streets and playing in muck.  One of the most disturbing stories was of a women making food for her family from dirt, a little butter and salt.  She would bake these dirt pies in the sun until they were hard and that's what they used to fill their tummies.  I sat there eyes rimming with tears thinking of the food court earlier in the day.  Thinking of ALL that we have...ALL that we take for granted, and the enormous ENORMOUS divide between "us" and the rest of the world. 

I don't know what to say.  We did our thing...made those meals.  Felt good about ourselves for a millisecond.  It felt like so little.  How can we make a mark when there is so much need?  Sometimes I really don't know how God can stand seeing what He sees.  I saw it for a 5 minute video and that was more than enough.  I do know one thing.  It will be awhile before I complain about cooking a meal for my family. 

Hope you all have a wonderful New Year's...
recounting all you've been blessed with this year.

BTW... a BIG HUGE thank you to Leanna for helping me figure out my new background, header size and button.  She is wonderful.  I couldn't do any of this techy stuff without her!!!!!

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