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Friday, May 28, 2010

Canopy of Dreams GIVEAWAY!!

night we were invited to a gala to raise money for a wonderful Christian based organization called TreeHouse in the Minneapolis area. They provide support for troubled teens.

function was held at the Depot in downtown Minneapolis. It's a beautiful old building full of character. Whoever decorated this year must have known I was coming;) It was just beautiful... a sea of color with large trees and hanging paper hearts. The walls were saturated with fuchsia and teal lights and shapes of leaves. It was gorgeous.

table was set up with a color theme...we were at the lime green table. My favorite color:) They had candles set up throughout that were just tall hurricanes wrapped in velum paper. So simple and easy. I'm so going to remember that!

the award winning movie The Blind Side?? We got to see the real life family IN PERSON. How cool is that?? They were the perfect people to have because they walked the walk. They took a trouble teen in and the results were so amazing that Hollywood came a knockin' and a movie was made about their lives. Their adopted son Michael is now starting for the Baltimore Ravens.

Leigh Anne
Tuohy was played by Sandra Bullock in the movie and I have to say Sandra nailed her part. This lady was tough AS nails. She deserved that Academy award!

Everyone in the audience could write down questions that the family would answer and I guess a few were really pretty silly. Like someone asked if having the movie made has changed her life at all. She more or less said they must have come off the short bus because, Yes having Sandra Bullock play you, then win an academy award about you, Sandra's husband falling off the deep end and then she adopts her own black baby boy...yes that's pretty life changing.

Amy Grant was the special music. When I heard she was going to perform I was beyond excited! I grew up listening to her, and even saw her in concert as a teen. She was the pioneer for all of Christian music today. I love her soulful husky voice. I was always able to sing along to her songs. She sang some of my very favorites...Baby Baby, El Shadai, her new Hallelujah song etc... She was really amazing.

is 49 years old. Can you believe that? She was so beautiful and I loved her soft sweet presence. She talked a lot between songs and she shared a story of her mother in law that really touched my heart. It was about someone taking the time to take her to church with them and she gave her heart to the Lord.

was the theme of the night. Looking around...opening your eyes to someone who needs a helping hand. I left inspired and anxious to touch lives. What if we all went looking for someone to bless...someone to be kind to??? I know I want my life to matter. I want my life to have eternal results. To be a blessing and to show His love...what a great calling.

most important part of the evening by far were the teens that walked through the aisles and shared their story. This young man, I think his name was Trey, was only eighteen. He lived his life going from state to state. By the time he was 7 he had lived in 32 states! His parents and family members operated one of the largest prostitution rings. His dad was a pimp and his mom helped him. He was separated from his siblings when his parents ended up in jail.

He was angry and full of hate and actually tried to kill one of his classmates. He was thrown out of school and then he found TreeHouse. His life was transformed because they took the time to support him and guide his life. He is a different person because they CARED. He's been accepted to college and in the Fall he will start a new path. It was sooooo inspirational!

****If you want more information about this wonderful organization here's the

that leads me to the giveaway. We got gift bags in our seats...YAY! So guess what? You get to benefit from that:) I have an extra copy of Amy Grant's new CD Somewhere Down the Road and the DVD The Blind Side.

enter just leave me a comment about someone giving you a helping hand during a hard time in your life.
Was there a special teacher who took interest in you, a pastor...a friend?? I will pick a winner on Wednesday.

Hope you all have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend.

Have a blessed day.

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