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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Shannan...Queen of Random

First, can you believe Becky asked me to guest post while she jets off to Hawaii? Neither can I! Thanks so much, Sweets!
Second, I only have 5 minutes? Well, I'd better get cracker-jackin'.

I warned Becks that my post would probably be random. It's just what I do. It's my niche - Randomness. The truth is, I sit down almost every single night and most of the time, whilst seating myself, I do not know what I'm about to say.

It simply overcomes me, this Randomness affliction.

It can't be helped.

So, since this is our first date and all, I thought I'd make a proper introduction.

This is where I live.

I'm a pretend Farmgirl with big Farmgirl pipe dreams.

I spent some time with Mary Jane today and now I'm pining for an outdoor bathtub. And I don't even like to take baths!

I've also got chickens on my list.

But for now, I'm growing some spinach, and I'm acquainting myself with the tremendous gratification that arrives right on the heels of the perennials.

Tell me, blind date, is it suspicious that I leapt right to my house and glossed over my actual self? Isn't that the reddest of all of the blind date red flags?

Don't you know it's what's inside that counts??

(And also, it's 11:10 pm and I'm eating chips and salsa like it's the right thing to do. My hair is in its requisite ponytail. And I haven't showered today. That last part is not commonplace, but I feel compelled to just come out with it. And what can I say? I was busy with teeth-related emergencies and garage sale preparations and pink-eye and grocery shopping. So sue me.)

These are my peeps.

They don't always look this confused.

This is my honey and oh, looky there! That's me, with my gangly arms wrapped around him. We were on vacation - what seems like the last vacation I'll ever take...

Sidenote: One's wingspan is supposed to be the same length as one's height, but as you can see, my arms are disproportionately long. For this reason, along with a few other oddities, the doctors thought I had a dread disease when I was in elementary school. Turns out, I'm just army.

Wouldn't it be odd if I up and posted a whole slew of vacation pics, from here on out? Would I get a second date? Because I have to tell you, it was a fun walk down memory lane, digging around for a picture of me and the Mister.

I like to call this one Wonky Eye.

And since I'm a firm believer in fairness, here's a memorable shot of my post-flight swollen cankles.

Word on the street is that this isn't entirely normal for a youngish gal such as myself...

But enough of vacation. The clock is ticking!

This is not my library. But I do really love books. And I also love antiques stores, so you can understand the appeal.

This is a regular-rotation dinner.

100% natural. I know. I'm such a food snob. {snicker}

And this is one of the things held in my heart, right now, as we speak.

No, I'm not holding grasshoppers. Not that I know of.

But I am holding the promise of Summer. The days marked by sunburned noses and dirty fingernails and watermelon for dinner. The nights documented by the prayers I whisper as I drift off. Prayers of thanks. Pleas for a heart transformed.

So, there you have it.

Call me!

Written by my favorite Queen of Random...Miss Shannan Martin of Flower Patch Farmgirl. Thank you...from one "pretend" farmgirl to another;)

Don't forget to sign up for the Island give-away:)

Have a blessed day.

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