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Monday, January 18, 2016


Hello friends.  Happy New YEAR!  Our first opening of the year is a special one.  A sale that has been five years in the making. We are having our first ever WoNKy SALE!!!

For FIVE years I've been hoarding beautiful end pieces of belts and leather with some slight "imperfections".  These are the cuffs I wear.  The ones that are imperfectly perfect.  I love the worn distressed look.  Some will have holes.  Some will be a little more "imperfect" than others.  These are for those of you who love WORDS and don't care if the cuff isn't flawless.  These are for the TRUE vintage lovin', bargain hearted, one-of-a-kind wearin', upcycyling is my jam girl's sale!!!!  All have been deeply discounted, so if you've been waiting for a time to buy...

We open shop tomorrow, January 19th at 9:00 am EST.  This is a shorter open...two maybe three weeks.  We'll announce the final close date on Instagram @farmgirlpaints.  
So don't wait!  

*We will be closing shop over the weekends
This is new for us.  Weekend convo's will be answered on Monday morning.  The shop will be visible Monday through Friday.  Thanks for understanding.  

Introducing our Labor of love designer cuffs!

I really wanted to offer a wordy cuff.  I know a lot of you have something you need to see.  Words are powerful, so whether it's a scripture, a quote, favorite song lyric, word of the year mantra, wedding vow etc...  These cuffs are the perfect way to keep those words in your mind.

Each will be handwritten, hand-painted and customized with your stamped blank.  There is no template or stencil for the designs, so each will vary and truly be a unique, one of a kind piece.

Just like our normal sales we'll still be offering our simple basic leathers, glitters and dainties (notice the new colors!!).  These will have holes (which can be filled with rivets) making them a little more unique and DISCOUNTED!  Lucky you;)

And last but not least... We have heart "loved" designers to celebrate VALENTINE'S day!!  These are perfect little love gifts for yourself or ones you love.  Each is hand-burned, painted and stamped.  Making them a beautiful one of a kind keepsake!

We hope to create something special for you!  
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Be a blessing!

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