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Sunday, July 26, 2015

love hugs

At times I honestly feel like God is smiling down on me.  I can feel His hand on my life so strong.  I like to refer to those moments as love hugs from heaven.  This was one of those beautiful weeks.  I struggle with the blues sometimes.  I can feel lonely often.  I'm in my basement.  Working by myself. A lot. Sometimes I feel like I don't have community here.  I think that's the enemy lying to me. And for reals God kinda gave me a whack upside the head over the last few weeks.  He gently reminded me that HEY THERE ARE PEOPLE OUT THERE! And you are loved.  You are remembered.

There was the recent blueberry picking.  A thrifting extravaganza with a new friend.  A dinner date with a dear friend that moved away.  A catch up lunch date with a friend that I'd lost track of.  There was an adoption shower for a sweet friend I'd met over Instagram, and then an impromptu room decorating thing for her sweet girl she brings home soon.  There was a park date with another friend I met through blogging.  There was an art night at my house with the Gather Girls.  The list goes on... And my girls!  The older they get, the closer we get!  Who knew;)  They were always there, but our bond has gotten deeper. They truly are my forever friends.  And that brings joy deep to my soul.

I do believe with all my heart God brings people in and out of our lives.  There are seasons and it's a good thing.  It can be confusing.  It cannot make sense at all, but each person that sifts through is a gift.  Maybe they are meant to refine you. To challenge you.  To help shape who you ultimately become.  I'm just grateful for a heavenly Daddy who knows just when I need a hug from Him.  His timing is always spot on.

Be a blessing.

my gather girls
 going redder

preparing for ellerie's homecoming!

impasto oil painting...more on that soon

my parent's come this week!!!

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