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Sunday, May 18, 2014


Worst picture ever award;)

To say it's been a tad busy over here is an understatement.  I think life has bombed our house.  Like it's full on celebration of allofthethings...allofthetime lately.  Can you OD on good?  Cause lately it's been a little off the charts...

First off the May shop opening was a HUGE most cuffs ever sold in the history of ever!  I wept.  Literally overwhelmed by everything I sat on the front porch after everyone left and wept.  It was happy tears.  Tears of joy and relief and complete and utter amazement at God and how HE blows my mind and brings me to that humble spot.  That spot of complete and utter reliance on Him.  I really can't put into words how I'm feeling, but weeping seems to be a part of my every day as of late.  We'll be working hard to get them all stamped and sent out this week hopefully.  Lots to do!

Let's see since I blogged last we had Mother's day.  With full on cards and a day of traipsing around Richmond eating at my favorite Cuban place and sight seeing...those pics to come.  Honey finished off a project which I'll share soon.  It was good.  Like so good I wish everyday was Mother's day:)

This week has been a week of firsts.  Big chick's first dance:) Which she was asked to go with a boy!  That didn't happen because I'm a tad old fashioned and boys and girls have no business going anywhere together in 8th grade...  But apparently they danced.  And it's not like when we were in school and there were two separate groups...boys on one side and girls on the other with no one dancing at all.  They all danced!! Times have changed.  Kids are a little more bold, and honestly it frightens me;)  But she's got this experience under her sleeve and I'm so proud of my girl.  She just radiates from the inside out.  Her inner and outer beauty blind me!

Then there's this one. Could she look any more precious?  Despite a horrible onslaught of seasonal allergies she braved the big stage and did her thing.  First dance recital...CHECK!  She had the BIGGEST smile plastered on her face.  I was so proud of her.  She stuck with ballet even though she begged not to go at times.  The flowers apparently made it worth it:)

So it's been a crazy couple of weeks.  I hope Spring is treating you well.  I'm ready for a break.  Oh I got a hammock for Mother's day too.  It's getting broken in real soon:)

Be a blessing,

 Our super sweet mail carrier Sayid aka "happy" got a raise because of the volume of mail coming from our shop!!!!  Seriously made me SO haPpY!!!
 my 41st birthday! a chocolate cake hunt was on:)  my family loves me well!!
 happy tears!!!  God is SO good:))
these three...who work so hard with me. love them!!!
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