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Friday, April 27, 2012

farmy retreat & FMFF

Okay so remember back to when we had the house painted?  I screwed up big time in one room, and had it painted almost the identical color it already was.  Uh yeah...oops!  Kind of figured that out when I came in to check on the progress, and I couldn't tell where they had been.  Oh and the snickers and laughing in the corner was a tell too.  Finger pointing and remarks in Spanish that I couldn't translate made me fully aware they thought I was a goof.  And I was.  But it's hard to pick out colors for an entire house.  Girls I was in over my head!

Needless to say the spare bedroom was never my favorite room.  It was kind of thrown together and never really looked like me.  The walls were beige.  Beige!  So since I've been pinning black walls forever on Pinterest I decided to go bold and just go for it.   This color is called Gravel Grey by Benjamin Moore and it actually looks like a really dark navy versus grey.

Other than a wall color idea I really didn't have a game plan.  I had seen a yellow dresser at my sweet friend Alicia's house and kind of knew I wanted a bold yellow somewhere.  So a seed was planted and an old black dresser got a redo;)

I spray painted that bad boy bright yellow...scuffed the heck out of it with a palm sander, added some numbers and new knobs and now it's the BOMB.  I LOVE IT!  It just looks happy. 

I was also on the hunt for a long tall dresser.  Something to sit the TV on and display some pretties.  My friend Kim recommended a great antique store and told me to go asap.  I had been there before and had completely forgotten about it, but that's where I ended up finding this sweet piece. 

The next day I ran into Kim and told her about my find.  She starts telling me about the piece she had fallen in love with too.  Low and behold she whips out her phone and I had bought the exact piece she had her eye on.  I about died!  Seriously out of hundreds of pieces of furniture I picked the exact same piece.   

I felt bad painting it.  Knowing I was altering her beloved piece too.  The pressure was really on.  What if I screwed it up?  I ended up spray painting it and I usually never do that.  It was so much harder than I thought.  For some reason it started bubbling and dripping.  I guess I should stick to brushes;)   

In the end I glazed it with a metallic finish and painted the knobs silver. I love it. 
REALLY love it.

Usually when you start a room you have a plan....a jumping off point.  For me it's almost always bedding.  This time it was a piece of artwork.  I had a funky rooster painting that I seriously loved and wanted to incorporate turquoise, red, yellow, navy and white.  Good luck finding bedding that will fit into that color scheme.  I about fell over when I saw this duvet at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  It was happy dance time:)  It blends in beautifully and looks like I had it custom made.

It screams BECKY now.  I go in there and never want to leave.  Oh and I raised the bed too.  Made a world of difference.  It's my giddy, make me want to jump up and down room.  Gotta have one of those right?;)


So on to Feed My Family FRIDAY!!!  On vacation I had THE most amazing sandwich.  We are talking best sandwich I've ever EVER tasted.  We went to the Hotel Coronado on Coronado and ate at the Sheerwater Restaurant. This bad boy was $22.  Best money spent.  There had to be about that much crab meat there right?  Holy cow!!  Anyway it inspired me to find a good/healthy crab cake recipe.  On Pinterest I found one here.  I've changed it quite a bit, but it was my jumping off point.

You need:
16 ounces of lump crab meat.  I bought mine in a can.
1/2 cup of planko bread crumbs.  I used Ritz crackers instead.  I love Ritz.
1/4 cup chopped parsley.  I used chopped green onion instead.
1 egg
1/4 cup lite mayo
1/4 tsp Old Bay seasoning.  I used some crab leg seasoning I got on vacay in Gulf Shores, Alabama years ago.  Same difference.

Mix all the ingredients together.  Using an ice cream scoop make crab cakes and place on cookie sheet.  If preparing the same day refrigerate for at least an hour.  Heat a small amount of olive oil  in a large skillet and cook for 3-4 minutes on each side until browned.  SO GOOD...not quite as good as the Sheerwater but a winner:)

feed my family friday

Okay girls you know the drill.  Grab my button, link to your recipe URL, and let's feed our families:)

Have a blessed weekend.

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