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Thursday, July 14, 2011

when one door closes...

Well it's here!  We pull out of our Minnesota driveway today!!!  I can't believe the day has finally come:)  I wish I could tell you that the last few weeks have been pain free and easy peasy, but that wouldn't be true.  I expected hiccups and we've had a few.  There was a 24 hour freak out period where we questioned everything...where fear snuck in and took root. 

It was torture.  Worry is evil.  It really is and it makes you physically sick.  You know that punched in the gut feeling?  Honey and I both struggled with it, but we pulled through.  We prayed hard, sought the Lord and He has melted them away, and today as the movers load up the last of our belongings we are more sure than ever that this is right where God has us.  He has ushered us along this path.  He is moving us into a new territory and it's got every hair on my arms standing on end.  I'm still fighting down the emotional lump in my throat, but it's good.  We're good and ready:)

Not sure if I've ever told you this before, but this is our 9th move in almost 19 years of marriage.  When we decided to move to Minnesota the decision was so easy.  We were ready for change.  The Twin Cities offered so much opportunity and promise.  Someone actually knocked on our door and offered to buy our house.  We never even had to list it.  Faith wasn't really an issue.  This time it's complicated.  We are leaving without a buyer.  That's hard.  We've loved this house.  It's been our dream home for 7 years and to leave it empty is painful.  I want to see it lived in and loved, but it is what it is and we are praying for that perfect family to come along.

I'd love it if you could pray for us as we make this final trek to Virginia.  We are going to take our sweet time.  With every mile that distances us I pray for closure and peace to reign.  With every new bend in the road I pray for new memories to be made.  We close on the new house Monday the 18th and move in on the 19th.  I'll try to post after our computers are hooked up. ** FYI...I closed my Etsy store until July 25th and custom home paintings until September when the girls are back in school.  If you are interested in a painting still let me know.  I've got a wait list ready:)**  Love you girls!!! 

*Oh and two things I learned this week. #1 In a pinch paper towels work great as a coffee filter;) And #2 goodbyes are a necessary thing. It's almost like a death. When a person dies the funeral is your final goodbye. Seeing the casket, hearing the sermon, the hugs in line...they are part of the process of moving painful as it is. If you don't have that private moment, closure eludes you. So with that said I made the rounds. I squeezed those near and dear to me and felt emotion so raw that I thought it would literally kill me, but you know what it didn't. I'm still here and so are they and our friendships, although different...will always remain:) 

Have a blessed day.


Pictures taken by Alicia Hutchinson.
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