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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My Brie and Fashion Week

One of my very favorite things to do is get my hair done.  It's a treat.  I feel spoiled...pampered even.  It's just heavenly.  I sit in my comfy chair with all the trashy tabloid magazines, and usually a neck wrap, and just relax and spill with my one of my favorite people in the Brie.

This is Brie.  I've talked about her before, but it's been awhile and this girl NEEDS talked about.  In one word I would describe her as fabulous.  She's sweeter than honey and I just love her.  I've been having her style my hair for a few years now and I have to say I'd be lost if she ever leaves me.  And I know she will someday.  She's just too good to be true!

Anyway this girl has a style all her own.  She's not afraid to wear anything.

What in the world??  But I'm telling you she pulls it off and on her everything looks cool.  I don't know how she does it...but she DOES!

On the day of my appointment, it was her 27th birthday.  Oh so young!  Anyway I made her this necklace.  It kinda went with her fruity theme for the day;)

She just got back from New York Fashion Week.  She was picked as a hair stylist for several fashion shows.  Isn't that the coolest thing!!!  I can't believe my Brie is practically famous. 

She gave me the scoop on all the celebs she met and how the models really look in the flesh.  She said their legs almost went all the way to her shoulders!  Say WHAT??  She said all of them were a size 0 or 2 maybe.  They were so thin that their thighs couldn't touch if they had too!  Wouldn't that be freaky to see in person.  Oh and they just whip off their clothes without any modesty at all.  Hmmmm...let's just say I wouldn't make a very good fashion model!

This is Christian Sirano.  Remember him from Project Runway.  His show was awesome.  I came home right away and looked it up...and I have to agree with Brie.  I would even wear his clothes.  That is if I was 6' tall and 110 pounds;)

I know zip about fashion.  To me most of it is hilarious.  I live in jeans and workout pants, but I do love to watch Project Runway and The Rachel Zoe Project.  Sometimes I envision myself on Project Runway.  I'm sure I'd be out on the first challenge.  You know the one where they have to make a couture gown from the party supply store.  How they don't all panic and throw up on the spot is beside me.  Oh and that store MOOD, if I went in there and only had 30 minutes to buy all my head would literally pop off.  I would be walking the line of shame and rejection in no time.  But it's very entertaining that's for sure.  Do you "get" fashion??

Have a blessed day.

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