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Sunday, July 25, 2010


Several years ago I was sitting in a mommy know like MOPS.  When this girl stood up and asked for prayer, and for some reason I was drawn to her like a moth to a flame.  We became fast friends.  She joined my bible study group, started going to my church...our circles became the exact same.  Her husband was in the military and he was overseas for a long time, so she had moved back home with her mom and baby girl.  I don't know who needed the friendship more her or me.  But it filled a hole...a void.  We did everything together.  Then she moved away.

Fast forward about 6-7 years later.  Our paths have only crossed twice since then.  Only when we make it out to Colorado do we see each other.  We don't talk but maybe once or twice a year, but when we do it's like yesterday she was my everyday friend.  I think God puts people in our lives when we need them most.  There are seasons with friendships.  I was there for her while she waited for her husband, and she kept me company in those lonely new mommy days.  I thank God for placing her in my path.  She was and still is a blessing in my life.  He always knows just who and/or what we need...just when we need it:)  So thankful for that. 

Have a blessed day.

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