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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I choose JOY

My Little Chick kept asking me today at lunch why I was making that face. I'm like... you can tell I'm making a face? Really... my little one is that perceptive that she can tell that I'm in a funk and thinking negatively just by my expression. That's amazing! Apparently I make a face when I'm sad or upset...who knew:o

heavens for friends because I've had some wonderful heart to hearts with some dear ones the last couple of days, and they have given me perspective. Perspective is a huge thing when you are PMSing and seasonally depressed. Seriously I shouldn't be allowed to operate heavy machinery right now:) I have been very emotional, angry and just plain irrational about some things and my friends are my life savers. Have you ever felt on the ledge? Well they've pulled me back and talked sense to me in a sweet non-judgemental way, and I just love them for that.

back to JOY. Even though I don't necessarily feel it lately I've been searching for it, and to tell you the truth if you look hard enough it's right under your nose.

This is probably my favorite little ornament. I keep it on a shelf in my front room. Every time I see it I smile inside. Isn't that weird?

Then I have these two lovely ornaments that were sent to me from some very special friends that I've made this year blogging. Every time I walk by them I think of that person and it truly makes me happy.

I bought this pillow at Target and I just love it. I've always been a fan of words...they speak to me;) So this one was a must have. I need that little reminder to be joyful:) What things in your home bring you joy when you pass by?

Have a blessed day.

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