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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Face the Day

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I've had a painting on my heart. It's of a beautiful sunrise sky outside my window...with the phrase "Face the day". I got started on it yesterday while I periodically checked my messages. Yesterday was a good day. You were all so supportive and gave me some wonderful advice. I really felt your concern and prayers for me. Now if I could carry all of you around in my pocket:)

It's no surprise to learn that a lot of us suffer with seasonal depression. It really is very common, especially in the Midwest. I encourage all of you who suffer with it, to go back and read the comments from my last post. I got some really good tips for how to deal with it. Things I will definitely try. So thank you again.

Now if poor Fergie could "Face the day" with a little more cheer. Poor thing! It's was 2 degrees here today and she hates it. She just limps from one foot to another. Her paws freeze:o I watched her like a hawk and I don't think she peed once until 3:30 this afternoon. Thankfully we haven't had any indoor accidents yet. These booties cost me $40 and they don't even really help. Doesn't she look hilarious??

Have a blessed day.

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