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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Our backyard

I promised earlier in the Summer I would show you pictures of our backyard. These were taken from our deck. This is our lovely view. I absolutely love this farm and so I used it for my header picture as well.

We have a road right behind our house. It was a tough decision whether to put up a fence or use trees as a natural barrier. Back home in Illinois it seems every one has a fence and there is a part of me that likes that actual barrier. But it seems that in Minnesota people lean toward the natural approach, so we decided to go with the big pine trees.

I really love the way it looks. Of course they will get much larger and eventually grow together somewhat.

honey with the sun in his eyes. Don't look too close at the deck. I need to sand and restain it...ugh!

My favorite part of our yard...this swing. It's tucked under the deck and we can come out and just swing and relax. It views the farm and oh...that's where I should be right now:)

Earlier this summer I showed you my "garden box project". Well this is the outcome. I have had an abundance of onions, peppers and basil. I'm still waiting on my tomatoes. But I think we'll have a lot when the time finally arrives. I've discovered that I'm a lazy gardener. From trial and error I will rethink my planting a bit next year;)

I'm going to have to freeze these. I saw that you can just cut the tops off and freeze them in a baggy for up to a year. They are super hot... I know this because I took a bite of one of them just to see. I kid you not my lips, tongue and throat were on FIRE for a good 30 minutes...wowza!

Last but not least, one of the several blimps that hit our town this week for the PGA championship. What an exciting thing to see, these quiet giants floating around all week long. It was really something. Kind of glad and sad that it's over. Our little town is back to normal.

Have a blessed day.
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