Saturday, September 8, 2012

operation zip those pants

Okay here I go...once again on another weight loss movement.  If you've been following along with me for any length of time you know there have been many, many, many, many of these posts!  Geesh that's embarrassing.  The fact is I will always try to be my best.  That's just the way I'm wired.  It was about day 5 of my latest vacation, and I could feel the switch starting to flip once again.  And that's what you need "the big serious, I mean business, I'm not messing around switch" to click into place in your brain.  I just knew that when I got home I was going to have to get on it.  HARD!

So I went through all my clothes.  Painfully trying on pants, shorts and sweats...all one after the other not fitting.  CRAP!  Four entire drawers worth!!!!  It all stems back to the move and the approximately 10 pounds I gained from that stressful year, and then in June I went home.  What is it about home that does me in??  Oh I made lemon squares, and there were family gatherings with CAKE, and then there were friend days where we did nothing but pig out, and by the end of the week I had gained 8 pounds.  8 POUNDS!  Is that even possible in 7 days??  Holy cow.  Anyway I didn't worry too much because I thought the second I went back to the gym and ran a little it would all magically melt away.  Well guess what?  It's now the end of summer and they're still there and they've even added a few friends!!  They are having a little party...laughing at me.  And I don't like it one bit!

What I've come to realize after living away for approximately 10 years is that there will always be a weekend trip, a vacation or family coming in.  It happens almost every month.  There will always be a reason to celebrate and I cannot continue to eat whatever I want on those occasions.  I'm almost forty people!  And "they" say, whoever they are, is that 40 is when it all hits the fan and you can't get it off like you used to.  Guess what??  YOU CAN'T.  They were RIGHT!  So I came up with #operationzipthosepants and if you follow me on Instagram (farmgirlpaints) you've seen my hashtags.  You've seen my ridiculous pictures of me all sweaty...throwing out healthy ideas and trying to be good. 

I've got a goal friends, and it's not to be skinny.  It's not unreasonable.  It's to fit into the clothes I already own!  Inevitably when I write a post like this I will get some sweet/snarky comments and emails telling me how good I already look.  They tell me to love myself and to just go buy bigger pants.  They will tell me not to be so self centered, and that I should devote my time and energy to something more important.  They will tell me to love myself and to not be so hard etc...And this is what I say to all those sweet kind saboteurs...I JUST WANT TO FIT INTO MY PANTS!  I know I'm not fat.  I know I'm beautiful inside and out...blah, blah, blah;)  BUT I refuse to turn 40 and become frumpy, and how do you think that happens?  By ignoring one 8 pound gain after another. 

So there you have it.  If you want to join in I'd love it if you use the #operationzipthosepants hashtag too, and document your journey with me.  I might even make a button and you can link up with me when I post.  Just share what you are doing.  Encourage each other.  We can do it together, and before you know it those post it notes will be coming off and we'll be able to wear our clothes again;)  More posts (workouts and nutrition) to come...

Have a blessed day.

757.  my honey who is encouraging me
758.  that flip switching!
759.  greek yogurt
760.  pistachios
761.  ezekial bread
762.  an able body that allows me to push myself
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