Monday, September 10, 2012

we caught crabs!

We did an unexpected cool thing on vacation in the OBX.  It was Alicia's grand plan.  She's a little master mind when it comes to fun kid friendly things to do.  When she first mentioned crabbing our honey's weren't too excited about the concept.  Turns out they were wrong!  And we were so right to make the time;)

BTW look at these little buggars.  They are clamping onto each other, fighting to the death.  They ripped each others claws off!  YES they did that:/  Ewwwww I know.

Okay so apparently to catch those nasty bottom dwelling crabs all you need is a line with string, a nasty chicken neck and a net.  Some gloves would have come in handy too.  Didn't know that:(

You throw your string in...tied to your finger and wait for a little tug and then slowly bring those bad boys up.  You can't do it too fast or they'll let go.  Sophia was seriously the crab whisperer.  That little girl just lazily sat back and brought in one after the other, after the other.  It was so cute!

You should have seen the excitement when all the kids practically at once were screaming "I got one...I GOT ONE"!!  I'm not sure if that's normal or not, but we caught a lot!  We were semi-pro's.  People were stopping and snapping pics.  We looked like we really knew what we were doing;)

Jarrod was breaking a sweat running from one kid to the next. 

I grew up with avid hunter/fisherman brothers.  I mean they are serious.  REALLY serious about their sport. There are at least a dozen deer heads on my brother Rick's walls and a bear rug and a stuffed fox and and and...I could go on. Somewhere in the mix as a child it turned me off, and I vowed not to marry a hunter. 

At some point during the crabfest it occurred to me what my brothers see in going after their meal.  We were seeing this crabbing thing through from the very beginning...going to the store and buying the nasty necks and net, to pulling them out one by one, to cooking and cleaning those poor things.  Then the best part...crab dip:)  It was a full circle moment.  I got it.  The challenge...the connection with living off the land.

Not to mention the beauty...

and pure fun!

This part I could have done without.  At least those delicious little critters didn't squeal.  That definitely made it easier.  Thank you little blue crabs for filling our bellies and giving us memories to last a lifetime. 

Have a blessed day.
763.  crab dip
764.  sunsets that make me feel like i'm in church
765.  faces aglow with adventure and fun
766.  honey's that go along even when they don't want to
767.  pictures that tell a story
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