Friday, September 11, 2009

Do it anyway!

I'm not sure if I've mentioned before how much I HATE running outside. Seriously it's like some sort of torture. I have a million excuses. I have asthma. I can't pace myself. It makes my feet hurt. But truth be told it kicks butt in the exercise department. I ran for 45 minutes and burned almost 500 calories!

They've just built a beautiful new road this summer super close to my house and it has a wonderful paved path and gorgeous views of trees and so it's been beckoning me to try it. But you know I have all those lovely excuses that I mentioned before and I've always said no, until...TODAY!

you can see it was hard!! I wear a heart rate monitor and you would think that would help with the pacing part, but I seriously can't run slow outside. I try so hard.... Finally when my heart rate gets to 195 or so and is about to jump out of my chest, I have to stop and walk. At the gym I can run 3 miles easily without stopping. Why is it so much harder outside?? Anyway I DID IT! Little Chick rode her bike with me and even though it was hard it was fun. I loved being outside taking in our beautiful weather while we still have it.

I've been reading about Rhonna's 21 day challenge on several different blogs, so I checked it out and it sounds wonderful. I'm a little late getting started, but that's ok. I'm up for a challenge. I have some habits I'd like to break and some new ones I'd like to form. So for the next 21 days I'm going to:

1.) Run 3 miles outside or inside depending on the weather.

2.) Resist sugar.

3.) Avoid diet soda.

4.) Create something everyday.

5.) Read my bible everyday.

So my question for you is...what excuses have you been making? What is it that you need to push yourself toward...CONQUER?? If you feel up to it join me in the 21 day challenge. Maybe we can make some new habits together.

Have a blessed day.

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