Friday, September 7, 2012

open wide

I just walked back from the bus stop.  It's all I can do not to just sob right here on the spot.  You see I've been praying for God to bring me expand my circle.  I've met some girls here that I absolutely adore.  They are soul sisters to the core, BUT I want more!  Greedy I know, but life is busy and it can be weeks where we don't see each other.  I need friends.  I need face to face.  I need a net...a tribe.  Girls who've got my back.  Friends who I see often.

So in my heart I've been carrying this.  I've been praying.  Trusting.  Reminding myself that it took years for me to find those friends in Minnesota.  I mean Kristine didn't happen until I was there almost 5 years!  5 YEARS!!!  So I would tell myself to be patient, but inside I felt a little defeated.  All of a sudden it's all turned around.  I met a sweet girl from an email this week.  She wrote me and I instantly knew we would hit it off.  She found me on Kelle Hampton's Instagram feed! How crazy is that and she lives 10 minutes from me!   Loved her!!! 

Then God drew me to this new girl at the bus stop.  She's sweet and bubbly and has the most adorable southern accent.  She's a Christian and loves Beth Moore too!  We hugged this morning and she teared up and so did my friend from yesterday.  Why??  Because we all just want to find someone who gets us.  Someone we can relate with.  Someone to share our lives with.  Husbands and children are great, but women NEED friends.  If you are out there and your heart is aching because you are lonely, if you look at a group of women and ache for what they have...don't give up.   He hears your prayers.  He knows your need.  He's in the friend business.  Give it to Him and expect the friend door to open wide.  Expect Him to wrap you up and make you feel loved...because you are SO worth loving.

Have a blessed day.
754.  laughing and crying with a complete stranger
755.  knowing God is listening
756.  Beth Moore study today!

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