Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Janie's eclectic farmhouse...take two:)


Good morning friends.  I'm sitting in the pitch dark.  It's stormy outside.  The perfect day to put up my post on Janie Fox's farmhouse:)  As you know I went back home to Central Illinois recently.  When I go home I always try to touch base with my quirky girl Janie.  If you don't know her you should.  She's a hoot, full of fun and sass, and one of my favorite people I've met though social media.  Lucky for me she lives close to my mom and dad:)

This time I took my people.  My mom, dad, honey and the girls tagged along.  It was a treat for them to meet sweet Janie and visit her fun farmhouse.  

Due to a fire last year her home has underwent a recent transformation.  The last time I was here the walls were bright colors (read that post here or see her daughters' amazing homes here).  This time around she used a neutral wall and all her colorful finds made the space come alive.

Grandpa's barn wood on the ceiling.  Sigh...

She collects everything. I like that about her.  Right off the bat I can tell you she has a ton of little chairs.

Crutch anyone??  What a clever way to make a plain wall interesting.

Church memorabilia, Jesus, all things vintage nursery, and cows are scattered all around.  She loves pink:)

Etched mirrors galore... 

And the most amazing vintage furniture you can find!  
Her style and think out of the box creativity inspire me.

Loved this idea.  I have one of those old hook things. Hanging magnifying mirrors from it make it so interesting:)

She loves all things chippy and old.  You could spend an entire day in one room and not take it all in. 

Her yard is just as fun as the inside of her house.  The vintage camper that she scored for $150 is one of my favorite things.  Travel pillows and vintage fabric make it fun and take you back.  Just need a little apron, dew rag for your hair and a campfire outside:)

I think the way a person decorates can say a lot about them.  If they put themselves out there and decorate from their heart it gives a little glimpse into their past and things that are important to them.  Janie's house would read sentimental with all her family heirlooms and treasure finds.  It would reflect cozy with her comfy furniture and love of throws and pillows.  Her faith is obviously important to her with all her Jesus stuff;) Words speak to her heart...via artwork from various friends and family.  Color makes her happy etc...

Wonder what your house says about you:)  Do you decorate with old things or new?  Do you collect or purge?  Do you like a clean, white, modern space or does stuff and color make you feel more at home??  Wouldn't it be boring if we were all carbon copies of each other?

Be a blessing.

favorite Instagram pics this week... 
IG @farmgirlpaints
 my honey turned 41!!!  HAPPY birthday Honey:))
 the shop is opening in 5 days...COLORAMA!!
 screen door love... project in progress;)
quilt floorcloth and a sick little chick on the mend...all better now :)
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