Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Janie's colorful country farmhouse


There is something about blogging that really puts you in touch with people.  Some of my closest friends are bloggers.  They have wiggled their way into my heart just by reading and commenting on my blog.  The next step of course is meeting these lovelies face to face and that's where it gets a tad scary.  There's a whole new level going on when you go from cyber friend to flesh and blood.  What if they are not at all what they seem like on their blog?  What if they talk like Minnie Mouse and have 17 cats living in their house??  EEEK! 

I've done this blind blog dating thing enough though.  You would think I wouldn't get nervous anymore.  WRONG!!  One of my favorite readers just happens to live within driving distance from my mom and dad's house.  Isn't it a small world??  The morning I woke up to go to Janie Fox's house I was in complete butterflies.  She's so sweet with her comments.  I really like her.  What if it gets all messed up when we meet???  Or as my real life friends suggest...what if she's not Janie Fox, but some psycho stalker person who has made up this fake life just to lure you to the country to ____ ___ ___ a  _______ ______!  You fill in the blanks...yikes!

Just look at that sweet face.  She WAS Janie Fox...not a crazy.  And she was sweeter and more beautiful in person than I thought.  Don't ya just love when people exceed your expectations?!

Can I say that I just adored her house!!  I mean who can pull off an orange kitchen, hot pink living room, black den, lime green bathroom etc...  I could go on!  I was like oooooh this and ahhhh that.  I was in COLOR HEAVEN!  She was probably like geesh girl take a chill pill.

It was right after Christmas, so I got to see all her festive goodies.  Loved the vintage touches everywhere.  Oh how I'd love to spend the day shopping with Janie.  I just know she would have the inside scoop on where to find all the good stuff.

Her kitchen just hugged you as you walked in.  Loved the farm table with a story and funky cool chairs.  She has an enormous fireplace and sofa to the left in the kitchen.  It got dark before I took my pictures and I couldn't get one to turn out, but it was awesomeness!


This is a peek outside her kitchen door.  Her honey bought her a camper!  Be still my heart.  You know that's on my list.  Dream list that is.  She also has an adorable pink cottage playhouse out there for her sweet grandbabies.

Speaking of grandbabies I got to meet them!  This is sweet Ollie and her momma.  Ollie is a little miracle baby and I got a chance to pray for her before she was ever born.  That's the coolest thing about blogging.  You can pray for people you've never even met.  Look at her little folded up hands...oh my!


Notice the dark walls.  So brave.  I want a black room.  Hmmmmm;)

And yes that's me with a poncho on because I had just eaten about a million pieces of Grandma's crack peanut brittle and my mom's lemon squares.  I actually had to tarp myself.  Yes TARP myself!  Thank God for ME MONTH!!!

She just has the knack.  What can I say.  It was awesome eclectic yumminess in every little corner.


Loved the Jesus collection.  How cool!

It took us about a million snaps to get this shot.  How can I say this gently??...Janie BLINKS!  Like every single time the shutter snaps her eyes are closed.  Geesh girl!  I'm so glad we finally got a keeper.  I want to write our fun cozy day, snuggled by the fire, on my brain for good.  What can I say except that I've learned that it pays to be brave.  Meeting strangers is uncomfortable, but once they become real friends what is better than that?  I've just added Miss Janie to my circle.  It can never be too big.  Check out her hilarious blog at Janie Fox Talks.

Have a blessed day.


***OH and speaking of friend Jeanne Oliver is getting ready to open her online class on Monday, January 9th.  I remember years ago her talking about a series for women to follow their dreams.  It's so incredible to see her reaching hers.  What better way to get the New Year started than to focus on art and discovering some of your gifts.    AND I had a little bitty part in check it out:)

345.  making new real life friends
346.  my scentsy smell wafting up the stairs
347.  knowing i'm never alone
348.  three days without sugar and caffeine...headache is finally gone!

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