Monday, May 5, 2014

This is IT! May opening...then closed until FALL:)

Good morning friends.  It's May 5th.  Our final opening until FALL!  I'm so glad this day is finally here.  I'm looking forward to taking some time off for the summer.  There are plenty of travel plans, hopefully some painting for me, local field trips and plenty of nature walks with the girls...our cameras in tow of course.  It's gonna be good.  So weird to be thinking about summer, but it's almost here!  Bring it:))

I think there is a misconception about the shop.  That we are only open a few days and the rest of the time is vacation.  I wish so badly that you could spend a day, week, month with us.  That you could see that what I thought would be an "occasional", open a few days here and there, type of thing has turned into a regular gig for me and five other helpers.  Yep FIVE!  I've added some new friends.  It's growing!!

(I spy Hawaii pics;))

When the shop isn't open we are busy buying leather, making cuffs, photographing, editing and listing in Etsy. There's so much to keep organized (thank you TAMARA).  Little bags and envelopes to stamp.  Thank yous to prepare. Supplies to keep track of.  So.many.steps...hands that have to touch the orders from beginning to end:)  It blows my mind that I used to do it all alone.  Thank you Jesus for helpers!

This last time we kept the shop open for us to restock cuffs in draft form and sent out a little message that anything purchased in between would be shipped out this week.  So if you ordered it will be hopefully mailed out Monday.  If you were patient and waited I know you won't be disappointed.  There are so many amazing options for you.  This is IT until MID-SEPTEMBER.  When the shop closes this time it will NOT be visible until Fall.  So think Mother and Father's day, teachers gifts, bus drivers, graduation, birthday and anniversaries...just for you gifts...because you rock and you deserve it;)

Thank you for blowing up this business.  I'm so very grateful that I get to make things that I love.  That I wear proudly.  That mean something.  It's an amazing privilege to do this for you.  So let's get to it!!!

This month we'll be open from May 5th through May 14th at 6:00 pm est. 

 A special THANK YOU to our May promoters.  
Check out their Instagram/blog/facebook feed for coupon codes:)

Lindsay Hopkins...@pen_and_paint and blog 
Amy Huntley...@theidearoom
Amy Lou Hawthorne...@amylouhawthorne
Vanessa Evans...@pineapplewigs
Autumn Lynn...@autumnlynnphotography

Be a blessing.

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