Wednesday, July 31, 2013

farmhouse funk...with Janie Fox's girls

A couple of years ago I had the chance to meet one of my very favorite blog friends...Miss Janie Fox.  She lives about 45 minutes from my parent's house.  It was inevitable we'd meet one day.  She took me on a tour of her gorgeous farmhouse, we chatted by her fireplace and right there a true friendship was forged.  Click here to see that post and her beautiful home... 

Since then they've had a house fire.  The house was spared, but everything had to be cleaned and restored.  SO she was in the process of moving back in when I came for this visit.  Next time I'll take some pics of her new improved farmhouse:) 

What was really special about this visit is that I got to meet her WHOLE family.  They had me and the girls over for a cookout, and I greedily snapped up pictures of their magazine worthy houses.  For some reason my settings were a little wonky and the lighting was poor, but I still had to show you all decorating ideas I got. 

This home is her daughter Annie's.  Her style was uber colorful, bold and fun.  She loved maps globes, clocks and fans...pretty much all the things I love to collect:)

She had an old chippy drawer in the middle of her kitchen table.  Loved that idea.  Now I'm on the hunt:)  And that kitchen island!  Whoa!!! 
Annie is the one in the ball cap.  She's recently lost a lot of weight and is a Beachbody coach.  If you need some weight loss motivation she's your girl.  Follow her on IG or Facebook...God is using her to help people with that battle.  She looked amazing!!

FANS! Love fans!!!  And what a gift being able to put together wall displays like that.  Seriously good!!
Love all the whimsy and unique items hung here and there.  So much imagination!!

Uh can you say genius shelf idea!!!  Just some pipes attached to the wall and the pictures are Velcroed on for stability.  LOVE this!!!

Cute clock display.  Funky with old:)
maggiedaniel on IG
This is Janie's daughter Maggie's house.  They just built it recently, but it looks old.  I ABOUT DIED when I saw it.  If I was to pick a house plan and build from scratch this is exactly what I'd do. 

Check out the barn wood ceiling, gorgeous floors and peek out onto the covered back porch!  It's like another house all on it's own.

Every cabinet was handpicked and gave the house extreme charm.  It was so inviting.

The kitchen had my mouth on the floor.  I tried not to drool, but I was impossible.  The old farmhouse sink and turquoise cabinets.  HELLO!!  The mismatched colorful chairs...the lighting.  Done so well.


The back porch was my favorite "room" of all.  It had a tin roof and corrugated metal ceiling.  It spanned the whole length of the house.  They had it separated into living spaces with a table and chairs, resting area and play for the kids.  Ceiling fans were installed to keep it cool.  Just loved it!!!

How cute is this pallet bed?!  That's just an air mattress all decked out and thrown on some old pallets...genius. The picket fence makes a sweet headboard.  Very cute.

The girls and I left that day inspired...not just from all the pretty things, but from Janie and her family.  Janie lives just the down the country road from them.  BLESSED!  The girls all live on the same large lot of land.  BLESSED! It couldn't be any more perfect.  They are friends.  They share the gift of decorating, the love of life, grand babies and a beautiful future. 

It made me want to set down roots so badly.  It made me want my girls that close to me forever!  God has a plan.  He knows the future, but Lord if I could put in a special, chickens and my chicks close would be REALLY high on that list;)

Be a blessing.

chippy painted furniture
tin ceilings...outdoor spaces
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Janie Fox:)

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