Thursday, August 8, 2013

the queen of color

Good morning friends.  So I've been sitting on this one.  Too overwhelmed with where to begin, to actually begin:)  Last November I had the amazing opportunity to go to the Whatever Craft weekend.  Read about it here and here
That was the weekend I got to meet sweet Megan.  I knew from the second we met we were soul sista's.  You know how you just know.  It breaks my heart that she lives in Michigan, but a plan was formed and a few weeks ago it actually happened:))  The girls and I made the trek up there and a giant bucket list item got checked off!  Oh how I love follow through.
So go brew a pot of coffee, take a little break...this post is full and overflowing!
It started with the girls and I renting a car and driving from my hometown in Central Illinois up to the Chicago area.  Her folks live in Geneva.  What a CUTIE pie town!  After a little sleep over we headed into the city.  This was a fun extra.  The girls had never been to Chicago and going with Megan made it super easy for me.  She knew right where to park, how to navigate the traffic...where to take us.  It was stress free for the most part.

The bean.  Another check mark:)
 We had a few hiccups that day.  My big chick got her toe nail crush by someone walking in a BIG hurry.  Poor thing!  It was really gross. 

This was the park I sat in pigeon poo.  One might get a hint to check where you're sitting when the park is literally crawling with pigeon's.  But one did not and it was bad... No pictures for proof.  Just take my word for it;)

A cupcake was plopped on the floor. It was replaced for free;)  Favor...
All in all it was a good day in the city.  Is it just me or does visiting the urban make you OH SO APPRECIATE the non-urban!?!  I guess I'm just a farmgirl to my toes;)

Onto Michigan.  To say that Megan is the queen of color is an understatement.  The girl just has a gift.  She can whip together a room like no one can.  She does collage like an art form.  Her house is HaPpY and warm and lived in and's just absolutely lovely.  I was seriously swooning.

REAL Swedish pancakes...oh yes:)  With eggs from her own hens.  AND berries from her garden!!!  I die....

Her and her honey made me feel so welcome.  They actually made me take their bed.  Made me!  Which after a few minutes of arguing I gave in;)  Her bed was really comfortable and her mismatched vintage bedding really was calling my name. HA!  

Okay so some things you need to know about Megan: 

She moans when she eats something she loves... Which totally cracks me up, but it also makes me love her all the more.

They eat almost all their meals on the front porch.  Uh why don't we do this?

Her voice goes up two octaves when she says her dog Winnie's name or she sees another furry creature.  It's the funniest thing. WINNIEEEEEEEEE!  I can still hear it in my head:)

She loves her skin to glisten.  Lotion is her friend.

She listens to awesome music. Vintage music.  They have good stations in Michigan.

She's way too cool for school and if I wasn't uber confident I'd be a little intimidated by her coolness;)  Lol!

She drives really FAST!  But with complete control and I never for a second felt nervous.  For reals.

Megan is not only the queen of color...she is the queen of vintage and can navigate a thrift store and find treasures like no one I've ever seen.  If you haven't checked out her instasales on Instagram you need to.  Her shop's name is sparrowmercantile.

AND TODAY'S HER BIRTHDAY!!!!!  I remembered girl:)) 

Okay I'm done with the house.  See I told you it was UH-MAZ-ING!!! 

We pretty much spent our entire trip thrifting which was perfectly fine by me since that's my favorite thing to do ever.  I was on the hunt for belts for my shop and she was looking for vintage books, games and linens. 

We both made out like bandits!  Michigan is the land of the thrift stores.  I am not even kidding when I say there is one on every single corner.  My head about exploded.  Just more reason for me to come up every summer.  Just sayin'!!

So in addition to thrifting we had to STOMP on our breaks and take advantage of this amazing wall.  Uh hello!!!!  It only took about a hundred tries and two very creepy strangers to make these pictures happen:)  Oh sweet water colored memories...

On our last night we visited Lake Michigan.  This could be a blog post in itself.  There are stories to be told here.  Secrets only Megan and I will hold til we die.  But I digress...I'd only been to Lake Michigan once, many years before.  I never really had the full on experience.  I'd forgotten the raw beauty.  The unspoiled beaches.  The waves!  Yes there are waves.  AND DUNES!!!! 

It had rained earlier in the day and by the time we got done jumping around in the field with the amazing wall...the sun was getting phone and camera batteries were dying and I decided to just leave them in my bag while we took a little walk on the beach.  UH worst decision ever!!! 

I learned a little about myself that day.  I cannot enjoy life without my camera.  How sad is that?  We ended up walking up a MOUNTAIN of sand.  It was straight up Hawaii people.  There were tall grasses, little paths with my special people in a path in front of me.  THERE WAS FOG rolling in off the lake.  I seriously am still kicking myself!  I tried so hard to be in the moment.  To take those same pictures in my memory (which is pretty non-existent), BUT I WANTED MY CAMERA so bad! 

So that's Megan and Michigan in a nut shell. 
One of the best little side trips I've ever been on. 
I'm so beyond glad we made the effort to get together again.  Life is short peeps.  I plan to attack every opportunity to make memories.  To do life. 

**Today is also my 21st wedding anniversary. 
I am so blessed to "do life" with you babe. 
Here's to the next 20 plus years. 
I love you more!

Be a blessing.

 21 years with my best friend
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