Friday, November 16, 2012

swept away...whatever craft weekend THE BARN!

Kansas...oh how I've never really liked you before.  Hours and hours I've spent driving through your desolate parts, but this time you charmed me.  THIS time...I fell in love with your wide open fields.  Your windmills standing tall and shiny in the afternoon chill.

Okay so enough with the ode' to Kansas I guess.  It did really win me over though.  I've driven through many times heading to my sister-in-law's house in Colorado over the years.  It's barren along the interstate.  You could run out of gas between stations.  I've often wondered what in the world people do to live.  Why would they choose to be there?  Of course this is my perspective from a passenger side window and hours of nothing but tumbleweeds to look at. 

Obviously there's so much more.  Like views of this.

And with a little Lightroom magic there are barns that look ALIVE!!  And trees that make me want to cry they are so beautiful.

We were driving along and happened across this old abandoned farmhouse.  Megan was squealing...stop the car!!!...and before the van had even stopped rolling my soul sister friend was jumping out...snapping pictures like a crazy person.  And I know for a fact she's crazy because if there wasn't an entire van load of crafters waiting I would have jumped out too!  I know crazy

If left alone we would have stomped through broken glass, trudged up rotten stairs, pulling cobwebs out of our hair as we explored.  We have that similar adventurous spirit.  She's got wanderlust and I do too.  Now if we only had unlimited resources and all the time in the OUT!

She's gonna growl at me for posting this, but how awesome is this picture??  It looks like she's running backwards!!!  Oh my sweet wanderlusty friend;)

This was the day I was looking forward to the most.  I love creating, but a lot of that goes along with hunting for treasures.  Finding the perfect thing to decorate with.  It makes my mind go bananas.  So when we drove up to these buildings and all the stuff was laying out in the field...I seriously had heart palpitations.  

Before I could even get out of the car Megan had vanished.  I was yelling into the crazy wind...MEGGGGAAANNN!  She was gone....poof!  Like vapor;)  So off I went exploring.

There was almost too much rusty goodness to take in.  It was old things overload. 

See that door or whatever it is hanging by a thread off the building??  Well it was banging in the wind over and over again against the metal building.  Kansas didn't let us down.  It was exactly as you imagine.  I was just waiting for a twister to pop down from the sky and carry us away.  Wish my blog had sound effects;)  It was the Wizard of OZ in rusty technicolor.  Fabulous!

Finally we found each other.  We ran up and with bated breath in unison we were like "where were you??"... it was straight out of a sitcom or something. 

And when I say found each other I really mean FOUND EACH OTHER.  Before this weekend we had never even spoken on the phone.  I'd read her blog, but I didn't really know her.  It was a little risky running off to room with a stranger.  I'd done it before (remember this?) though, and I knew the payoff could be big.   
I'm so glad I jumped in with that adventurous spirit of mine.  What a blessing I would have missed out on if I hadn't.  Megan was incredible.  I didn't once feel nervous with her.  She's fun, down to earth...real!  She's the check in with you a couple of times a day friend.  That remembers to pray for you friend.  That has your back.  I know this about her and we only had a few days.  Magical days...

My MN Amy;)

So that was the barn experience.  Mind blowing! 

(Megan and Jill)

Then we headed to Sonic.  It's a tradition on Whatever Craft Weekends.  We were starving.  Or maybe I should say I WAS STARVING!  I'm always starving.  You need to know that about me;)  Anyway we ordered tons of junk food...mozzarella sticks, tator tots, popcorn chicken and my new coke with vanilla...YUM!  Thanks Kimberlee for that tip:)  Operation Zip Those Pants was takin' a back seat.  Yikes! 

Once we got home we spread out all our goodies on the table and took in everyone's treasures.  How fun is that?  This is what I got at a little antique store in Marion called Bearly Makin' It.  Just thinking about that store with it's stacks and stacks of quilts and bedding about makes a tear pop out!  WHY can't we have reasonable antiquing in VA?  Why God Why??  Shoot I'd settle for expensive antiquing with stuff as good as this!  It was crazy good.  I found so many good things. 

I got this quilt for $30!!!!!  I know.  Stop hatin'.  It's a little messed up, but I'm going to make pillows and a slipcover for my ottoman out of it.  It's gonna make my ugly brown basement couch look so pretty:)  Oh and that owl HAD to come home with me.  I've been looking for one that sweet for years.  It was meant to be.

So now I'm wrapping it up.  It's almost time to officially end my most surreal weekend experience ever!  Oh and these girls made it even more surreal.  They knew me!  EEEEK!!  They either read my blog or followed me on Instagram (farmgirlpaints) before I got there.  Love that!!  They were so sweet and didn't stare at all... like I'm sure I did with Meg;) 

Here's all of us...the November 2012 Whatever Craft Weekenders.  Feeling all sassy in our aprons that we MADE!  And truly feeling blessed for an amazing, amazing weekend away.  Swept away... 

**If you haven't...go sign up:)  It's based on a lottery random draw. 
Everyone has the same shot at getting to go. SO FUN! 

Have a blessed day.

879.  windmills

880. cows

 881.  i made stuff

882.  i'm on the map!

883.  peanut butter i wish i had one right now!!

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