Monday, August 12, 2013

Leesburg, Lucketts and obedience

Recently the girls and I went up to DC with daddy for the weekend.  Almost a year ago he started a new job in Tyson's Corner, which is a city right next to DC.  It's a good 2 1/2 hour drive from our house, so they had an arrangement that he would drive up every week and spend 2 nights/3 days in a hotel and work from home the other two. 

We knew it would be a challenge.  We weren't too keen on being apart.  My honey is a family man all the way and I knew deep down it wasn't going to be easy, but in life you just kind of do what you need to do.

So we went up to see where daddy worked...for the first time;)  While he was working we needed to entertain ourselves, so what's a girl to do but call up an "almost" complete stranger from IG and arrange a day:))  Brilliant idea I might add.  I'd been wanting to meet Christy (christymcox on IG) ever since she sweetly sent me a utube video on how to knit a fancy stitch.  Amazing how technology can hook you up.
Before I start telling you about our day let me tell you that this appointment with Christy was divine.  It was meant for me to be with her that day.  It was meant for me to know this special girl.  I'm so very thankful that we got the opportunity.  We made some important memories we'll never forget.  Love you friend.

She kindly offered to pick the girls and I up at our hotel and we took off on our adventure.  I'd been to the DC area once before, but never up to the more rural Northern areas.  It was beautiful.  We headed straight for the Leesburg/Luckett's area.

I'd heard of Luckett's before.  There's an awesome store there appropriately titled Luckett's and I remember Miss Mustard Seed used to have a booth or something there.  So when she said that's where we were going my head kind of exploded and I did a little happy dance on the inside.  It was right up my junk lovin' heart.  Old shutters and doors, rusted out metal galore...repurposed old things made beautiful.   Bliss:))

After Luckett's we headed into the super cute, OLD town of Leesburg.  Talk about charm galore and GOOD shopping.  It was just what I didn't think existed on the east coast.  I fell in love. 

By the time we got there we were all starving and didn't really know where to eat.  So we read a few menus along the sidewalk, and finally decided to just make a decision and try one.  Immediately when we walked in the door we knew it was a mistake.  It was old and musty and we were the ONLY ones in there. 

We sat down and the waiter handed us menus.  He slipped off to the side and turned on some cheesy music.  For some reason it was strange and felt off.  I just didn't have peace about the menu, the atmosphere...anything.  And since life is short and a meal out is something to be savored I looked across the table at Christy and mouthed the words...I don't want to eat here.  And she looked back and I think she said what do we do??  And I may or may not have said RUN!!!  HA!  Oh goodness it's hilarious even thinking back on it.  We packed up our stuff lickety split and bolted out the door...with the waiter shouting something at us as we left.  EEEEEK!

We got to the sidewalk all out of breath, giggling, and I realized I'd left my favorite pair of sunglasses on the table.  CRUD!  Little chick bravely decided she was going in.  She was going to gallantly save my sunglasses:)  And she did...with the waiter right there...embarrassing as that must have been, and she saved them for me!!

Okay so I'm relaying this lengthy story for a reason.  We walked down the street and decided to try another restaurant we had passed earlier.  It was cute.  The outdoor space was down a long brick lined alley and it had a charming patio area just waiting for us.  It was fine. 
We place our order and I pulled out my wallet ready to pay, and the counter person casually tells us that it's free today.  Say what???  It's FREE!  Like we didn't have to pay a dime free!!!!  I've never in my 40 years had that happen.  They technically weren't even open to the public yet, it was a friends and family trial run:)  Eeeeek! 
So we skipped over to our table glowing in God's favor and grace, and spent the rest of the meal basking in the fact that because we were obedient to that urging...because we listened to our spirit man...even in the little things like where you eat for lunch...our socks were BLESSED right off!!!!  It was good.  Like really good...and I'm so glad my girls were there to witness it.  Because that's what God has in store for them if they follow His leading.  Even if it's embarrassing, and you look a little silly;)

This is part one of that weekend.  There's another story to tell.  To be continued...
Be a blessing.

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