Saturday, April 11, 2009

Life Lessons - Easter Style

With great memory making anticipation this morning we got up early, rushed around, and got to Excelsior for the annual Easter Egg Hunt. What we didn't anticipate were the thousands of other people who had the same idea. What should have been a great experience went as follows: Little chick didn't want to "hunt" for eggs. She wanted sissy to help her. Tears were in full force. I actually thought we were beyond this now...oh how I was wrong. So when they blew the whistle big chick and I went in to help her. We got 3, right?
This is little chick in the pink hoodie with her sad scared face on. Big chick is in the purple sweatshirt right behind me with her excited hopeful helpful face on. Sad thing is while big chick was helping us, her egg hunt started (by mistake I might add) and by the time she got there all the eggs were gone and she got ZERO. Now this was devastating for her! We had worked so hard to get there and waited so patiently and then she missed now big chick is in tears!! I explained how disappointing life can be and how you have to keep it in perspective...blah, blah, blah. But honestly it hurt me too. I can actually feel my heart break when my kids are disappointed. So what do I do to compensate?? I ran to Target and got all kinds of eggs and we are having our own indoor Easter egg hunt tomorrow. So there mean cruel unfair world...take that!

Have a blessed day!

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